RH BeHeard: Report An Incident At University

After a number of years of campaigning by previous Sabbatical Officers, the University has launched an online incident reporting platform called RH BeHeard. VP Wellbeing & Diversity Henn Warwick tells you all about this platform, and about the work that we will continue to do to ensure even more steps are taken.

After a number of years of campaigning by previous Sabbatical Officers, the University has launched an online incident reporting platform called RH BeHeard. We are pleased to see this platform available to students, however, there is still some more work to be done to ensure a full package of support is available.

What is RH BeHeard?

The platform is designed for victims of sexual harassment/assault, discrimination or hate crimes, and provides an avenue for accessible and anonymous reporting. You can find the form to report incidents on the student intranet within the Wellbeing section.

The University has stated that they take these complaints very seriously and encourage students to report any inappropriate behaviour of any kind, from staff, students or members of the community, including harassment, bullying, discrimination and sexual misconduct.

We know that formally reporting an incident is not something that everyone wishes to do; it can take time and energy, and sometimes includes sharing very personal information.

RH BeHeard enables you to anonymously record this type of behaviour.

Why use RH BeHeard?

The University will be able to use the collective data submitted to RH BeHeard to understand where targeted interventions are needed, and this will allow the University to become a safer and accessible place for all students.

Each anonymous report gives the University a better understanding of the challenges and incidents that students are facing, providing an opportunity for change and improvement.

Sabbatical Officers in the VP Wellbeing & Diversity role have been involved in discussions over the implementation of this system for many years, and we are pleased that the University has agreed to launch this platform and provide the opportunity for students to report on their experiences.

What’s next?

However, our campaign for a reporting tool does not stop there. While the launch of this platform is a big step forward towards supporting the wellbeing of all students at Royal Holloway, there is a clear need for the planned phase two implementation of this work.

Phase two will involve the introduction of a support aspect to the platform, to ensure that all students making anonymous reports are appropriately supported and signposted to services that can help with their specific needs.

We are looking forward to further discussions with the University to implement this stage of the project and will hopefully update students on this later in the academic year.

What support is currently available?

If you need any support, after having made an anonymous report, or for any other reason, you can find a range of University and Students’ Union services in our recent blog post about campus support services.

If you need specialised support in relation to sexual harassment/assault, discrimination or hate crimes, you can find some dedicated services below:

Sexual Harassment/Assault

NHS Rape and sexual assault referral centres

Solace SARC Slough

The Solace Centre Surrey

The Survivors Trust

Discrimination and Hate Crimes

Victim Support


Stop Hate UK

Victims of anti-Muslim hate crime


Victims of anti-Semitic hate crime


Victims of anti-LGBT hate crime


If you have any questions about RH BeHeard or want to get involved with issues regarding wellbeing on campus, you can drop me an email, contact me on Facebook or fire over a DM on Instagram.