Remember To Be A Good Neighbour

With Freshers' Festival upon us, it's important that you read the guide to being a good neighbour, and remember to respect the local community living in your area.

We can't wait for the start of Freshers’ Festival – it’s been great to see the excitement building up for all of our events! 

Before you move in to Royal Holloway, we wanted to make you aware of the importance of being a good neighbour. We understand that when you go out to our club nights, you might get a little excitable after a few drinks and a wild night of partying, but this is just a gentle reminder to ask you to consider the community and keep the noise down when you are leaving our venues.

The College are asking you all to “be a good neighbour” and we are backing their campaign as we look to strengthen our relationship with the local community.

Shouting in the street in the night, or in the early hours of the morning is highly disruptive for residents who live near to the campus, so please act respectfully and sensibly when returning home after a night out.

We appreciate your contribution to creating a safe and calm environment.