Rep Impact Update

It's been six months since we launched our brand new Academic Representation system, and we want to update you on some of the fantastic work your Academic Reps have been up to in that time.

From representing your academic interests within Periodic Departmental Reviews to learning about projects aiming to make education a more equal place at Academic Rep Conference, your reps are ensuring your voice is heard.

As part of their role, reps are asked to submit the improvements they’ve been making throughout the year based off feedback from the students they represent. Your academic reps have had a positive impact on the academic interests of every single student at Royal Holloway. Here’s a selection of the 85 impacts we’ve received so far:

  • Alongside other reps, the Music department rep attended a meeting to review the end of term questionnaires, alongside an introduction of midterm question, and explicitly expressed concerns regarding differences for performing arts modules.
  • In Classics, the department rep provided feedback to a lecturer regarding concerns that students were struggling with aspects of the lecture – this has resulted in the sessions improving to enable students to engage.-
  • A course rep from the school of Management raised that students who need access to a specific programme that extracts financial information, often struggle to access the programme as it is only installed on three library computers. These are naturally being used by students that don’t need the programme. Posters alongside these computers now inform users of the programme which has opened up more space for those that need them.
  • A Biological Sciences course rep highlighted that some of the information available regarding modules was vague, and through communication with staff, were able to gain clarity for the course.
  • In Physics the department rep has not only chased up feedback that was delayed, but also through working with the department, attained extensions for course work submissions.

Well done to all these amazing reps! If you’re an academic rep and want to be featured in the next post, make sure you’re registering the stuff you’ve been doing here.

If you’re not sure who your reps are then you can use the find my rep function to find out who they are.