Rep Impact Update: Term One

We know academic reps do amazing things, and we want to shout about them so they can get the recognition they deserve! Find out how your reps have already had a positive impact on your academic interests!

Our academic reps have had an action-packed term on campus and it has been great to see all of the fantastic work that has been going on at course, department and school level.

We ran academic rep development sessions in November, which were all about navigating a typical meeting. Our December session focussed on promoting wellbeing and resilience and it has been brilliant to see so many reps getting involved with those. Here are some updates from your academic reps to let you know what they have been up to this term:

  • The school reps fed back on assessments this year in a focus group with Maia and the College; they ensured that you will be fully supported in the run-up to exams. Schools will be running practice exams to prepare for summer and will be signposting to tailored support from CeDAS and Student Wellbeing.
  • Business and Management school rep, Toby Bates, delivered Welcome Week talks to students in the School to introduce themselves, gave first years some guidance around how to make the most of their time at university, and how to access support if they need it. He also spoke with course reps to help them understand the role better so they know how they can represent students the best they can.
  • Humanities school rep, Ananya Krishna, has been working hard to make auditing more accessible, create a monthly Humanities newsletter, organise Department-led initiatives, and offer office hours so students can contact their school rep in a dedicated space.
  • Performing and Digital Arts school rep, Olivia Earl, has submitted a written report for the School Board meeting and attended a meeting with department reps and members of staff from the School to discuss ways in which the learning community can be improved. Olivia has also been planning for a PDA School Instagram account as well as releasing a survey to ask students whether they feel a sense of ‘home’ in their departments and the School more widely.
  • The course reps have been very active and engaged with collecting feedback; they’ve been sharing this with their department reps and in their SSC meetings which have been taking place at both undergraduate and postgraduate taught levels of study. Department reps have been doing a great job at chairing these meetings and giving course reps and academic staff an opportunity to share feedback and discuss the work being done in their department.  


If you’ve got something to say, then you can find your rep using the 'Find My Rep' function. Make sure you engage with your reps when they ask for your feedback as they’re reps the key link between you and the staff members on your course.

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It’s super important for reps to know what’s going on so they can tell staff about the stuff you’re enjoying, as well as implementing change when it’s necessary!

If you’re already an academic rep, then why don’t you tell us what you’ve been up to through Your Impact and be featured on the next Impact Update!