Rep Impact Update: Term Two

From getting assessment methods changed to clearing up confusion around the percentage contribution in a final module grade, we take a look back and celebrate the incredible wins your academic reps have secured for students.

It’s probably fair to say that term two was no easier than term one! Your academic reps have been hard at work making your voice heard on your courses. We know they do amazing things across the spectrum of degrees and we want to shout about them to give them the recognition they deserve.

Here are some highlights of the stuff your reps have been up to:

  • Joe Russell-Davis was awarded Rep of the Month right at the end of Term One after using his communication skills to move a deadline back by a whole week.
  • Maia Jarvis won Rep of the Month in February for getting an assessment method changed in the Music department.
  • Ginny Spicer won Rep of the Month in March for getting external lecturers in to demonstrate interesting skills!
  • A course rep from Classics re-established the Classics Society to create more of a community between people interested in Classics and students within the department.
  • A Biological Sciences course rep helped clear up confusion about the percentage contribution in a final module grade.
  • Two Media Arts course reps have been very busy signposting students to relevant services, organising socials for their course to build relationships, and gathering feedback to help improve the organisation of their next course.
  • A PGR course from PIR raised concerns around the information available to students about the implications of Brexit. This led to someone from the International Student Support Team attending the next PGR Forum to address any concerns.
  • A Physics rep managed to get a deadline moved for a major report meaning that all students on their course didn’t have massive deadlines bunched together.

We’re blown away by the fantastic work of our star team of academic reps! If you’re an academic rep, let us know what you’re up to:

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