Rep Impact Update

Last week, we opened up nominations for Academic Rep of the Month, promoting the great stuff your academic reps have been doing to represent your academic interests since you elected them last month.

As part of their role, reps are asked to submit the improvements they’ve been making, based off feedback from students. So far, your academic reps have had a positive impact on the academic interests of over 3000 students! Here’s a snapshot of the some of the work undertaken so far:

  • A course rep from Earth Sciences managed to get a six day extension to a deadline, so that it fell after the relevant lecture instead of a few hours before, giving about 60 students more time to get the best mark possible!
  • The department rep from Media Arts was able to clear up confusion about new post production facility protocols after having a meeting with the Head of Facilities, helping anyone who uses the facilities!
  • The Music department rep has set up an anonymous feedback box within the department which should encourage people to submit feedback for reps throughout the department!
  • A course rep from Physics had concerns about marking processes cleared up which, when fully implemented, will give all the students on the course a clearer idea of their progress!
  • A course rep from Management had extra resources made available ahead of the Accounting midterms. The sample questions, made available to the whole MBA cohort, made students more comfortable with the topic and they were then able to pinpoint which discussions they needed to have with the lecturer!
  • A Maths course rep emailed a lecturer to get the correct theory sheet uploaded so that students didn’t complete the incorrect one, helping all 47 students on that course!
  • The History department rep lobbied the department to create a standardised MHRA referencing system which, once in place, will help current and future students studying History here!

Well done to all these amazing reps! If you’re a course rep and want to be featured in the next post, make sure you’re registering the stuff you’ve been doing here.

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