Royal Holloway Moves: Rewarding You for Being Active

VP Societies & Sport Lucy Brown tells you all about the new app launched by Royal Holloway Sport and how you can earn points and rewards for anything from walking onto campus to cycling to your favourite coffee shop.

Last week, Royal Holloway Moves was officially launched by Royal Holloway Sport - an app available to all students and staff that rewards you for being active.

Following on from the #DoesYouGood campaign last year, Moves+ will continue to encourage physical activity within the Royal Holloway community to show students and staff that being physically active is good for both our physical and mental health.

Even small things like walking onto campus or cycling to your favourite coffee shop can earn you points! You’d be doing these things anyway, so why not get rewarded for it?

How does it work?

By connecting your activity tracker (Apple Health, Fitbit, Strava, Withings, Google Fit), the Moves+ app will convert your running, walking, swimming and cycling into points which you can then spend on rewards listed within the app.

Why should I sign up?

Physical activity is proven to provide a range of physical and mental health benefits. All activity is extremely beneficial to our overall wellbeing and the app is available to remind you that all physical activity #DoesYouGood.

In 2019, a poll of almost 38,000 UK students suggests rates of psychological distress and illness are on the rise in universities, with “alarmingly high” levels of anxiety, loneliness, substance misuse and thoughts of self-harm.

Getting active can help ease these feelings by providing a way for you to feel productive, connect you with like-minded individuals, and stimulate the release of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, the chemicals that play an important part in regulating your mood and positively impacting how you feel.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, download the Moves+ app from the App Store or Google Play. From here, select ‘Royal Holloway’ and create an account using your University email address and your unique ID (either student ID or staff payroll number). Connect your preferred activity tracker and then you can begin tracking activity and earning points!

What rewards are available?

Currently, you can earn points to access:

• free hot drinks at Little Café on the Square

• free group exercise classes from the ALS Group Exercise timetable

• free yoghurt pot from The Hub

• free muffin from Kingswood

• £5/£10 off Samurai Sportswear

• free homemade cake/dessert from The Hub.

Alternatively, you can donate some of your points for a good cause to support a student-led volunteering project.

In the coming few months, more rewards will be added, so start building your points up now!

Getting the most out of the app

One of the great things about the app is the opportunity to connect with friends and start competitions.

Head to the ‘Explore’ tab and scroll along to the ‘People’ folder. From here you can send friend requests to people who are already Moves+ users, or even send invitations to anyone not yet signed up - this gives you bonus points so it’s definitely worth sending an invite! The app will set up a leader board between you and your friends, so you can see who has the determination to stay at the top the longest!

There is also the option to join public groups, set up your own private groups, win badges, and get involved in crazy challenges, such as walking the circumference of the moon. All this can be found in the ‘Explore’ tab too. Why not set up a group for your club/society as another way to get members engaging with your group virtually?

Virtual 5K Challenge for World Mental Health Day

On Saturday 10 October, ALS will be setting up a one-off challenge for World Mental Health Day. This will be a virtual 5K that you can either walk or run, with the option of sending in a photo of you getting involved which will turn into a celebratory montage to promote World Mental Health Day. If you complete this challenge, you can also earn yourself 250 bonus points! Find out more here.