SU Elections 2023 - Voting Open!

Who will be the next leaders of the Students' Union? It's time for YOU to decide by voting for your next Sabbatical Officers, NUS Delegates, and School Reps!


Who will be the next leaders of the Students' Union? It's time for YOU to decide! 

It's finally time to make your vote count and decide who you want to be the next leaders of the Students' Union. Over the next three days, our candidates for the four full-time Sabbatical Officer positions and School Rep roles will be campaigning to win your votes.

Voting couldn't be easier - simply head to our dedicated SU Elections hub using the button below, or via the RHSU app (search for 'Student Link' in the App Store or Google Play). You can also cast your vote in person at the voting booths in the Students' Union and the Library.

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Still not sure who to vote for? You can check out all the candidate manifestos on our SU Elections hub.

Voting closes at 2pm on Thursday 9 March.

Win £50 for your student group

Are you a member of a student group? This year we're offering the chance for a group to win £50 paid into their restricted account by having the highest turnout as a percentage of their membership. If more than one group reaches the goal it will come down to who was the fastest so act quick.

To keep things fair there are two prizes up for grabs, one for groups with over 50 members and one for groups with under 50 members.


  • Only groups with over 20 members will be eligible (minimum number to start group)
  • Only active groups will be included
  • The £50 must be used for an event or activity to benefit all members

Check out the live stats


Community Officers Referendum

Alongside the SU Elections, we'll be asking you to vote in the Community Officers Referendum. 

Last month, we announced a referendum to replace 'Collectives' and 'Collective Convenors' with 'Communities' and 'Community Officers' to make groups recognisable and more accessible.

Under the proposed constitution changes, there will be two categories of communities, one for inclusion-based communities and one for academic-based communities. They will coordinate activities, events, and campaigns relevant to their agenda, which may include supporting and working across different student groups.

All you need to do is answer yes or no to the question:

The changes aim to give underrepresented groups the best platform possible to have their voices heard on campus and beyond. To read a summary of the changes, the current constitution, and the proposed changes to the constitution, head to our Community Officers Referendum webpage. Let us know your thoughts and vote now!

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