Shaking Up Your Nightlife

VP Sport Dom Brown lets you know about the big changes we've made to improve our late night venues offering ahead of the new academic year.

Although it's hard to believe, we've been back for a full month, so we thought now would be a good time to refresh your memory about some big changes we made to our late night venues.

Listening to you

In preparation for the upcoming year, our Venues team have been working hard to ensure that the offering and experience at our venues is diverse, inclusive and entertaining for all students at Royal Holloway. We have taken some exciting changes to let you know about which have come directly from student feedback! Without further ado, let’s delve into some of these student-led changes.

Low risk events

We recently announced nine low risk events for term one, as we look to create a more accessible environment for students who suffer from photosensitive epilepsy. For these events, no intense flashing will take place, slower colour changing movements will be introduced and the rotation speed of the intelligent heads will be reduced. Where possible, the size and shape of the colour beams will be altered to reduce crossovers. You’ll now be able to easily identify these events on our website by clicking the ‘low risk’ category on our events page sidebar.

photo of students enjoying 80s, 90s, 00s at the Students' Union back in January

Low risk: Students enjoying our low risk Juicy 80s vs 90s vs 00s event at the SU back in January

Making the most of Medicine

We all know that Medicine is a great night out, so to recognise this we are bringing in a brand spanking new events programme for the venue this year. Royal Holloway is a melting pot of different cultures from around the world, so to celebrate this we are introducing a whole range of world music nights such as Desi, Afrobeats, K-Pop, Reggaeton, European and an indie rock night. This will allow cultures to celebrate music from home as well as introduce new students to these fantastic genres of music on a dedicated function night.

Alongside this, we are keeping the amazingly-valued Toast every Monday night for you to enjoy as well as MedsWeds - the perfect venue for student groups and social networks to hold pre-drinks before heading to the SU.

If this wasn’t enough, we have thrown a drum & bass night into the mix, along with dance and techno on select Thursday nights throughout term, making Medicine a true alternative to your regular SU night out.

photo of three students enjoying a night out at Medicine
Mad for Meds: Our offering at Medicine now features a rotating calendar of music from around the globe 

SU nights coming back in cheesy style

Love Wednesday and Friday nights out? Well, let us tell you about an exciting change to our Friday events at the SU. We are introducing ‘Pop!’ as your weekly club night, fulfilling all your guilty pleasures with cheesy pop hits from the past few decades. ABBA, Steps, even Peter Andre - I can hear the ‘Hey Baby’ chants already!

We know some of you are partial to a VK or two as well, so we’ve made upgrades to the VK bar to store loads more of that sweet nectar, as well as adding bombs and shots to the back bar. If this isn’t enough, we’ve added loads more card machines to the bars which means we should be able to serve you quicker. This means more dancing and less queueing!

photo of three smiling students at a Students' Union night out

Buzzing: We can't wait to introduce our Pop! night every Friday in the SU

Giving you exactly what it says on the tin

Everyone has a different taste in music so we’ve always tried to cater for this by offering different genres. However, student feedback has suggested that you don’t like it when we play a different genre in Tommy’s Kitchen to what is being played in the main hall.   

We’ve taken that feedback on board and have decided to change things up, so from now on you’ll get exactly what has been advertised. For an event such as Flawless on Wednesday night, this might mean the main hall plays urban and R&B while Tommy’s Kitchen focuses on grime. We’re also working hard to recruit new DJs for each specific genre of music. If you have any DJ’ing experience, we’d love to hear from you - please email

photo from Flawless, our regular Wednesday night at the Students' Union

Flawless: Strictly urban, grime, bashment and R&B at our regular Wednesday night out

Simplifying lost property collection

If there’s one thing a night out in our venues can guarantee, it’s that we’ll be left with a lovely array of lost property. From killer heels and handbags, to wallets and phones, there’s always a tasty stash that we have to scoop up at the end of a night.

To make things easier going forward, all lost property for events held in the Union Venue will now be collected from the Union Helpdesk.

We’ve also removed the £1 charge for any cloakroom items that haven’t been collected, as long as you still have your ticket. For any items without a ticket, there will be a £2 charge. For lost property in Medicine, you’ll need to head down to the venue on the next regular event night.

Get your voice heard

Our work to enhance our events and services is an ever-evolving process, and there are now more ways than ever for you to have your voice heard. This year we’re introducing a Service Development Group (SDG) dedicated to Events & Entertainment, which will give students the opportunity to have direct input and play a part in shaping our work in key commercial areas. We’ll have more news on how you can apply to join the SDG next week.


Dom Brown // Vice President Sport