Six New Societies Incoming!

VP Societies & Media Sophia Bolton is incredibly excited to welcome six brand new societies: Accounting, Finance and Management Society, Mentality Society, Make a Kid Smile, Neurodivergent Support Society, Qazaq Society, and Skating Society!

Society, Sport and Opportunity Student Executive has kicked off Term Two to a fantastic start. Among feeding back on various projects within Student Opportunities, they have also worked with Dom and I to ratify another six new societies!

Make sure you check out all that they’ve got to offer below.

Accounting, Finance and Management (AFM) Society

The group will be focussed around financial accounting, managerial accounting, banking and future careers. It will be linked to the Accounting and Finance Department and is set up to help students understand what life is like within the financial sector, especially in accounting, banking and managerial roles.

This will bring better understanding to students and show them what the course will really be like in a job-setting. They plan to have speakers and other activities including competitions, guest speakers and socials.

Mentality Society

Mentality Society is a mental health focussed student group that aims to run campaigns which raise better awareness and encourage better understanding about mental health issues, as well as changing the face of mental health at Royal Holloway by increasing the support and resources available to students.

As many will attest to, the national university mental health crisis is very real, and Royal Holloway is no exception to this.

Make a Kid Smile

Make a Kid Smile is a charitable society originally based in Sweden with the aim of raising money for scholarships and working in active-exchange with schools in Nepal.

They are planning fundraisers including selling traditional Nepalese goods from local stores in Katmandu. They aim to give students at Royal Holloway the experience of working directly with a developmental charity and creating a platform for students to connect with children and young adults in Nepal. There is also opportunity to connect with similar projects worldwide and gain further experience of the charity sector through guest speakers and collaborative events.

Make a Kid Smile will give members an in-depth knowledge of international relations as well as an opportunity to work and take part in real-life development projects.

Neurodivergent Support Society (NSS)

This group aims to provide social interaction in a safe environment for neurodivergent individuals in an accepting atmosphere. They also aim to drive positive change at Royal Holloway by representing the interests of neurodivergent students to the University, the Students’ Union, and the general public.

Qazaq Society

Qazaq aim to provide a friendly and welcoming community for Qazaq students on campus while informing and educating people on their culture. They plan to help new students enjoy our university environment safely and support them in their transition to living in the UK.

They also aim to let people from all nationalities have the opportunity to engage with the Qazaq culture, through meals, socials and other activities.

Skate Society

Following the creation of an informal WhatsApp group three years ago, Skate Society finally decided to take the plunge and become a ratified group! With the aim of bringing together and cross-pollinate local skateboarders, they plan to create a Royal Holloway community of skaters. Through doing this they hope to be able to share the best places to skate, create videos and support each other.

We hope these new groups are as exciting for you as they are for us! Thanks for your awesome ideas.

Because these groups were only ratified recently, not all their memberships are on the website yet. We'll have them uploaded and available as soon as possible so make sure to check back! 

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Sophia Bolton // Vice President Societies & Media