Soundtracks For Your Study Session

Exam season can be super stressful so VP Education Maia Jarvis has shared some advice from her favourite StudyTubers (YouTubers who make content about student life) as well as music she listened to while studying.

Summer term is upon us which means one thing: sitting in Founder’s Quads with a beer and soaking up the sun. Oh - and maybe fitting in some exams.

Exams can be super stressful so I wanted to share with you some of my favourite StudyTubers (YouTubers who make content about student life) as well as music I liked to study to when I was a student. I recently collaborated with CeDAS to create a ‘Secrets to Exam Success’ podcast all about revision tips and how to prep for exams so do check that out as well if you fancy!

Unjaded Jade

UnJaded Jade is currently studying at Minerva University and makes lots of study-oriented content. Her degree involves a lot of studying abroad so if you’re interested in travel content as well, you may enjoy her channel! She also talks about balancing goal-making with mindfulness and how we should avoid linking self-worth to grades/academic achievement, which is so important. Here’s a video she made about how to create a good study system for university:

Vee Kativhu

Vee is such an inspiration as she’s studied at top universities in the world and is an activist for girls’ education. She did her BA at Oxford, then studied at Harvard and is founder of the initiative, ‘Empowered by Vee’, an informal ‘academic conference’ designed to help students from underrepresented backgrounds – specifically young black women in the UK – at the beginning of their university journey. She is so great, and I used to really enjoy watching her essay crisis videos! I think this video on one of her top study methods might be useful:

Ruby Granger

Ruby Granger is pretty much the epitome of StudyTube. She is ridiculously productive and organised so don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to her levels of productivity but do enjoy watching her very aesthetically pleasing and calming videos. She is studying English Literature at Exeter University so I would definitely recommend her to anyone doing English Lit at the moment! Here’s her university weekly routine:

Now it’s time for music recommendations.

  • I love Animal Crossing and believe it or not, the soundtrack makes some great study music. It’s relaxing but has enough of pep to it that you won’t fall asleep.
  • This rainy day coffee shop music is the one! I remember listening to this on repeat when I was revising and doing coursework; it gives you that coffee shop atmosphere but in the comfort of your own home.
  • If you’re into your dark academia, this ancient library room soundscape will be for you. Perfect for when you’re studying late at night and want to feel cosy.
  • You can never go wrong with some lofi chill jazz vibes
  • This is for all my mechanical keyboard nerds out there: one hour of keyboard ASMR. You’ll either love it or find it incredibly annoying; there’s no middle ground.

I wish all the best to everyone with assessments this term – you’ve got it in the bag and I hope some of the recommendations above make revising just a bit more enjoyable!