Student Group Elections: Why Should I Run?

Here we go! The Student Group Elections for the next generation of committee members opens on Monday 15 April.

If you've been part of a sports club, society or media outlet this year, you'll be able to nominate yourself to lead your group for the coming year. It is always an exciting time and we can’t wait to meet all the fantastic people that want to take this opportunity. Being part of a committee is a fulfilling experience, and while it may look like a lot of work, we promise you, it’s definitely worth getting involved. Here are some reasons why:

It’s honestly a really fun experience

Ask any of your current student group committee members and they'll agree with this. You get to directly influence how your student group functions. So if there are changes that you've always wanted to happen, you can implement them. You can also build on the success your group has already achieved, and build great communities on campus. For example, take this year's Society of the Year winners at Socs Ball, Humans vs Zombies. They have always been a group that truly care for their members and have built a fantastic array of events that all can take enjoyment from. Their hard work has shown how a community can really become a family.

Jazz up your CV

Whether you’re looking for an internship or you’re about to dive deep into the world of graduate job hunting, the experience you gain from being on committee can really bulk out your CV. Managing student group budgets, organising big events and interacting with various types of people is really invaluable and attractive to a large variety of employers.

Even if it may seem irrelevant to your future career prospects, this is actually a lot more beneficial than you think. By actively engaging with your student group as a committee member, it shows you’re ready to go above and beyond to support your community and become a leader among followers.

Make new friends

Being part of a committee is a great way to strengthen and widen your social circle and make some great connections in the process. You’ll get to mingle with all sorts of people, from other student group committee members all the way to incoming new members. Who knows where they will end up later in life or what part they may play in your future life? If you make a good impression, it might open up more opportunities for you in the future.

Feel good about yourself (and others)

By being part of a student group committee, you will be contributing to the legacy of your student group which will affect the university experiences of new, prospective students in the future. For example, you might remember your first ever social with your sports club or society? It wouldn’t have been as great if your committee members weren't there to organise it.

Aside from this, you might find yourself doing tasks and jobs that push past the boundaries of your comfort zone such as directing a musical or captaining your team. These are worthwhile experiences that you should definitely be proud of.

Important dates to look out for

  • Nominations open Monday 15 April at 09:00
  • Nominations close Friday 3 May at midday
  • Voting opens Monday 13 May at 10:00
  • Voting closes Wednesday 15 May at 17:00
  • Results announced Friday 17 May

To run for a committee position, you must be a member of the group, holding a valid membership. Once you have submitted your nomination you will be able to upload a picture and a manifesto. You will have up until 09:00 on Monday 13 May to submit and edit this information. After this time, the site will be locked for voting. If you need any help or support please email

I'm ready to nominate myself