Student Group Training 2020

Committee members, it's time to get ready for Student Group Training! Instead of packing everything into one overwhelming day, we'll be delivering the sessions virtually over a three-week period between 22 June and 8 July.

Throughout this unprecedented time, the Student Opportunities team have been continuing to work hard to maintain a ‘business as usual’ approach.

A massive part of this has been the Student Group Elections process which ran online and we want to thank all members who engaged in that process and congratulate everyone who was successfully elected to a committee position.

We are now looking forward to the next stage - Student Group Training. In usual circumstances, we would run a one-day event at the end of term three where multiple sessions are put on to train incoming committees in a number of different areas such as finance, running a student group, and the Students’ Union as a whole.

Of course, this is not going to be possible in the current climate. However, we are committed as a Students’ Union to training committee members as they are vital student leaders and it is important for us to help these members be confident in their positions and thrive throughout the year, no matter how challenging it may be!

Virtual training

So this brings me to what we are doing this year - delivering training to committee members virtually via Zoom. Instead of packing everything into one overwhelming day, we'll be delivering the sessions over a three-week period between 22 June and 8 July. Each session will be delivered twice during that time, hopefully enabling more of you to attend the sessions relevant to your position. We will be also be recording these sessions and releasing them for any co-opted members or members who were not able to attend any sessions.

This form of remote learning is going to be different for everyone but we are committed to supporting a fresh wave of committees and providing you with information that is going to be essential in this current time of uncertainty.

To view the sessions available and to sign up, visit the Student Group Training hub using the link below.

Sign up

Looking ahead

Alongside all of the information we will be providing to committee members, we will also be having open and transparent discussions about what will be happening in the coming months and supporting members with any questions they may have. We realise there are some concerns and worries with students so we want to do our best to help you feel more comfortable in your new positions.

If you have any questions about training or what is mentioned above then please contact us via Freshdesk.

Just a little reminder that myself and Phia (VP Societies & Media) are on furlough and will be returning to the virtual office on Monday 15 June. We'll be tying up a few projects and preparing our handover to Lucy Brown, next year's VP Societies & Sport.