Student Group Training 2021

Calling all student group committee members! It's time to sign up for Student Group Training (7-18 June) and make sure you are fully equipped to run your group effectively and hit the ground running in September.

Following on from the Student Group Elections (and By-Election currently taking place), it is an exciting time for student groups as committee handover begins and our new committee members start to prepare their plans for the upcoming year. 

As part of the preparation, new committee members are all invited to Student Group Training, taking place from 7-18 June, making sure you are fully equipped to run your group effectively so you can hit the ground running in September. 

After the success of virtual Student Group Training last summer, we are taking this opportunity to learn from the pandemic and we will be once again delivering all sessions online. The digital approach means you can be more comfortable and the sessions can be spread out, allowing you time to process the information you are receiving. 

Online training schedule

Starting from Monday 7 June, we are running sessions over a two-week period to go over all the basics like planning over summer, how to put on events, and how to spend your group funds. 

Week One: a series of compulsory training sessions that will be essential in getting you ready for the year ahead. 

On the Student Group Training webpage, we have listed which roles the sessions are mandatory for, although other committee members are also welcome to attend.

Week Two: a variety of optional sessions aimed at more specific areas of running a student group. The optional sessions are open to anyone but we have listed on the Student Group Training webpage who the sessions are aimed at, helping you know which ones to attend.

There will be opportunities to ask lots of questions in each session, so make sure you engage, take notes and don’t be afraid to ask us anything! 

A full timetable of sessions and the sign-up link is available on the Student Group Training webpage.

We will also be recording these sessions and releasing them to any co-opted members or members who were not able to attend any sessions.

If you have any access requirements, please email with details of how we can make this experience better for you. 

Sign up

Facebook groups

Make sure to join the Facebook committee pages where we share the most up to date communication from the Student Opportunities team. 

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Looking ahead

I appreciate that you may have concerns going into the new year, particularly if your group hasn’t managed to fill committee positions. But it is no one’s intention at the SU to let a group go dormant without a fight - we have had multiple discussions about the difficulties being faced by groups and we are creating a variety of support mechanisms to ensure groups are in the best position coming out of the pandemic. 

Alongside all of the information we will be providing to committee members, we will continue to be open and transparent about what is coming up and supporting members with any questions or concerns so you can be comfortable and confident going into next year. This will very much be a focus whilst preparing for my handover to Alex Parry, next year’s VP Societies & Sport.

If you have any questions about training, or anything mentioned above, please feel free to contact us via Freshdesk.