Summer Ball 2018 Early Bird Tickets

Summer Ball now requires more preparation than just washing out your suit or dress. With the biggest event of the year rapidly approaching, we’ve decided to give you guys a very special treat. Mark your calendars for Friday 23 March, as we’ll be launching our Summer Ball early bird offer, with 400 tickets available at a discount, starting from a bargain price of £35. Yes you read that right, that's more than half price off!

That's not even it - we're bringing a little twist to this year's early bird ticket sales.

Early Bird Hourly Draw Competition

Starting from 10am, we will be making a draw EVERY HOUR until 4pm (when online tickets go on sale) that gives anyone that buys a physical ticket from the SU a chance for a full refund and a VIP upgrade for themselves and a mate. So that means you have seven chances to win VIP tickets for you and your mate. 

The sooner you bag an early bird ticket on the day, the better, as you'll get yourself more entries into the competition. So if you manage to be one of the first people to buy a Summer Ball ticket (between 9-10am), you'll have seven chances to win the full refund and VIP upgrade for you and a plus one. Amazing right?

The winners will be announced via live-stream on our official Facebook page at the start of every hour so keep your eyes peeled in case you see your name pop up.

But… more important than the number of new tickets available, is how you get your hands on these super exclusive tickets. So here’s the rundown of what will happen.


100 early bird tickets go on sale for £35 from the Students’ Union. These have to be bought in person and will not be available online, they’re also limited to one per person.

So, if you really want to get your hands on the tickets you might have to consider emulating those who rocked up at 10pm the night before in previous years.

As a side note, we really don’t recommend this but if you insist on it please bring something to keep you warm and dry.

10:00 – 15:59

After the £35 tickets have sold out, we’ll step up to £45 a ticket. We have 100 available at this price before we step up to the £55 tickets where there’s another 100 available, and the last 100 will be priced at £65. After this all tickets will cost £75 - but buying them at the SU during the day gets you an entry into the upgrade competition.


Online tickets go on sale for £75 each. We’ve got a huge name booked in this year and you’re not going to want to miss out.

Ticket Price Breakdown

Just to be super clear of how the ticket prices work this year, here’s a breakdown:














Good To Know

Here’s a few essential tips for buying a discount ticket this year. Following feedback from previous years, we’ve changed the queueing system to prevent people queue jumping. While we can’t reveal the exact details behind the changes here, it’s very important that once you’re in the queue you don’t leave it as we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to get your place back – toilet breaks are all cool so don’t worry about that.

I'm On The Banned List, Can I Still Get A Ticket?

If you’re on the banned list you won’t be able to buy a ticket even if your ban expires before the Ball. So if you have a ban that will be lifted on the payment of a fine it’s probably a good idea to sort that out before Thursday.

How Many Tickets Can I Buy?

You can only buy one discount ticket per person but overall you can purchase four tickets for the Summer Ball. This could consist of one discount and three full price tickets or four full price tickets.

What Do I Need To Purchase An Early Bird Ticket?

All tickets are being sold directly through our online system this year so they’ll be no physical tickets. Please make sure your SU account is working ahead of the day and have your College card and ID with you as this will be scanned before you pay for your ticket.

I've Opted Out Of The Students' Union

If you need to opt in to the Students’ Union, you can do so by visiting Student Services in the Davison Building. It takes between 24-48 hours for our system to update so if you have issues logging in make sure you get it sorted early doors.

How Can I Make Sure That I've Got A Ticket?

After you’ve bought a ticket you’ll be able to see it on your account by logging in and navigating to ‘Purchase History’ in the account menu at the top of any page. If your ticket doesn’t appear here after paying please contact us at


Join the Facebook Event

Finally, show off to your mates that you’re attending Summer Ball by joining the Facebook event. I mean, why not make them jealous that you get the chance to party in one of the UK's most historic buildings? We’ve got some great competitions lined up for term three, from more VIP prize draws, all the way to a VIP ticket treasure hunt on campus, so make sure you turn on the notifications in the event.

Join the event

And if you made it this far, here’s last year’s video, just because… well… it was absolutely unreal. See you in the Quads.