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TEDxRoyalHolloway’s annual conference is taking place this Saturday 13 February! The event will be held online and you can expect a selection of empowering talks from inspiring individuals around this year’s theme of Transformations. Get your tickets now!

TEDxRoyalHolloway’s annual conference is being held this Saturday 13 February! This year the event will be hosted online via the ‘Run the World’ platform. You can expect a selection of empowering talks from inspiring individuals around this year’s theme of Transformations. 

About Transformations

The world is constantly transforming, both on a global scale and on a personal level. We believe transformations are integral to growth and development, especially in the current pandemic. On a personal level, a sense of transforming and improvement can help to keep our spirits from falling in lockdown.  

This is why we chose Transformations to be the theme for this year, each of our speakers has their own interpretation of the subject and as a result, the talks are very varied. 

From Transforming The Oceans by Dee Caffari MBE, to How Spirituality Can Spice Up Your Sex Life by Georgie France, it’s safe to say there will be a topic which catches your attention due to our diverse programme, some talks contain heavier topics, and some are more light-hearted. 

In November 2020 TEDxRoyalHolloway held the Student Speaker Competition, providing students with an amazing chance to give a talk at the conference. The winners of our competition were Raul Mehta, Emilia Di Matteo and Georgie France. This is a great opportunity for Royal Holloway students to gain experience in public speaking on a subject they are passionate about through a well-known and respected organisation. We’re very excited to hear them on Saturday! 

The conference will run from 10am to 6pm, and includes 19 insightful talks from a variety of speakers from different backgrounds. The first talk of the day will be The Greatest Transformation delivered by Jonathon Macdonald, who is one of the world’s most highly-rated speakers due to his innovative work in corporate strategy.              

A talk from the multi-award-winning leader, inspirational speaker and junior doctor, Dr Leanne Armitage will be uplifting surrounding the idea of personal transformations. Her ultimate passion in life is to inspire people to become the best versions of themselves, and in our third lockdown, we could all use some words of encouragement and maybe take this time for self-improvement. 

There’s still a chance to secure your tickets for Saturday's conference through the button below.

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The tickets are only £3, so make sure to get yours and join us for a virtual day of talks, which will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and with food for thought! 

Our co-curators Bree and Fleur, along with the rest of the committee, have worked so hard in making this event possible and we hope you thoroughly enjoy.