Transgender Awareness Week

Today marks the start of Transgender Awareness Week.
Taking place annually in the second week of November, it is an important opportunity for the trans community and their allies to spread awareness of trans issues and promote understanding and inclusivity.

The week leads up to Trans Day of Remembrance, a day to remember the victims of anti-trans hate crimes and violence. Vigils are held around the world to remember those killed in the name of transphobia. The College are holding their own vigil in the Chapel on Tuesday 20 November from 12-2pm. Trans Awareness Week is also a chance to celebrate the achievements and advancements made in the last year as a community and as individuals.

In recent years, trans people have become more visible through the media and the controversial laws being passed around trans rights. This visibility is important, but it is now even more crucial that we spread awareness. Hate and intolerance, more often than not, comes from ignorance, and Trans Awareness Week is a chance to make people aware of our existence and rights, and demonstrate that we are here to stay.

Transgender people are often overlooked and underrepresented. There are well known issues relating to trans people - most talked about being where they’re allowed to pee! But concerns for transgender people, and specifically transgender youth, go further than this. Rates of trans homelessness and suicide, for example, are incredibly high, and in the last ten years anti-trans violence has resulted in over 2600 deaths, with 2017 being one of the deadliest years to date. Trans Awareness Week is an important time for us to come together and take action to draw attention to the violence and discrimination happening around the world.

As a community at Royal Holloway, we are doing all that we can this year to make people on campus aware of their fellow students who are trans or gender non-conforming, and how best to support them. During the week we will be running fun and informative events every day which are open to everyone in order to further understanding of the very real issues faced by the trans community. We hope to see you there!

Charlton Jenkins // LGBT Soc Trans and Non-Binary Rep

Felix Jordan