UCU Announce Further Strikes

On 4 March, the University and College Union announced another five days of strike action from Monday 21 March to Friday 25 March. VP Education Maia Jarvis gives you an update on the situation.

The University and College Union (UCU) has announced five more days of strike action, which will be taking place from 21 – 25 March (inclusive).

If you’re not sure why staff are striking and would like to find out more, I’d recommend checking out a series of blogs I released on this topic last term:

In short, UCU members are striking for two reasons: pension cuts and their ‘Four Fights’ which covers pay, gender, ethnicity and disability pay gaps, workload, and casualisation. We held a referendum at the beginning of this term where students voted in favour of supporting UCU’s industrial action.

What's the impact on me and my education?

I want to reassure you that you will not be assessed on content that is not taught due to strikes. Moreover, Henn and I attended twice weekly 8.30am meetings with College staff during the strike periods which are about mitigating the effect of industrial action on students and solving any major problems caused.

I understand that there is a diversity of opinion among the student body about this topic so whether you have concerns or would like help in distributing information/promoting events related to industrial action, please feel free to get in touch with me at vpeducation@su.rhul.ac.uk.