Ultimate Frisbee Keeping Cameron's Memory Alive

On Saturday 16 March, Ultimate Frisbee held our annual Cameron Grant Memorial Trust Tournament.

The first time the tournament was held was in 2015, as a commemoration to Cameron Grant, who sadly took his life in 2014. He was a very keen Ultimate Frisbee player and served as a committee member of the Club. His parents set up the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust to help raise awareness about mental health issues. The club has continued to host this event every year, and many of our alumni, many of whom knew Cameron, come down to play as well. You can find more information about the Trust here.

This year we really tried to go above and beyond what we had last year and managed to get four teams playing. It is a great opportunity for teams to get together in a friendly, non-competitive environment and play a fun sport, and really keep up a great spirit. We raised money through an entrance fee for the teams, as well as holding a bake sale to support the cause. We would like to really thank RH Women’s Rugby for helping us out with the Bake Sale!!!

Overall, we managed to raise £240 for the Trust, which exceeds that of what we raised last year. The tournament is so important because it supports a great cause. Mental health issues are becoming a more and more pressing issue in today's world, and they are so often hidden and cannot be seen on the surface.

By raising awareness for the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust, we truly get talking about these issues. This event gives us a platform to do so, and so we will continue running it in the future, making it bigger and better and more heard, as well as to keep Cameron's memory alive.

Veronika Turek // President, Ultimate Frisbee