Union Statement: NSS 2019 Results

As a national benchmark for teaching excellence and academic interests, the results of the National Student Survey (NSS) are pivotal in understanding the student academic experience throughout a degree programme.

Every year, final year students answer 27 questions which rate not only the teaching they have had, but also the impact we, as a Union, have had on your academic interests.

The Students' Union

This year, we are delighted to see that we have increased our effectiveness in representing you by nine percentage points, with 58% of students saying we effectively represent your academic interests. This illustrates the fantastic work undertaken this year in implementing the Academic Representation Review, as well as tackling academic issues that matter to you – whether that be lecture capture or assessment submission.

The College

We would also like to congratulate the College on their great results, with students having rated their overall satisfaction at 88%, an increase of one percentage point on last year’s result.

Officer Reaction

“The National Student Survey can be a useful tool for gauging student opinion on various aspects of their university experience, including that of their students’ union,” current President, Clem Jones, said in light of this news. “I’m really pleased to see more students than previously agreeing that we effectively represent their academic interests.”

Reflecting on the results, VP Education and President-elect Jack O’Neill, said: “These results are a fantastic step for both the Union and the University and are a testament to the progression that has been made this past year.

"There has been a lot of change on the horizon, both in the higher education sector and at Royal Holloway, and sometimes this can lead to uncertainty.

"I am immensely pleased that as a Students’ Union, we have continued to represent your interests in matters relating to your education.

"Embedding academic representation into campus life has been a brilliant strive in the right direction and more is still to come!

"These results are a huge encouragement for the SU, and I am greatly encouraged that Kate, as incoming VP Education, will continue to move our academic representation and lobbying efforts into a new chapter.”

What's next then?

While the results are positive, our work certainly doesn’t stop there. Following on from the Democracy Review, we will be engaging with you all in new and exciting ways – keep an eye out for our Academic Rep elections, as well as elections to our brand new Student Collectives and Student Executives in the autumn term, so that you can join us in continuing to represent students at Royal Holloway effectively.