What To Expect When You Start House-hunting

As Term Two starts to settle in, most of you will start looking for a house, or will have a lot of viewers coming to see your current home. Our advisors have compiled a list of useful tips about what you can expect and how you should react!

Whether you’re looking for your first student home or already living in one, the information below could save you a lot of money!

As rent in the area has been going down significantly, you might want to consider that you could save big money by moving houses, and you can now start window-shopping on the SU’s HouseSearch to get a feel of the different properties and prices that are on the market right now.

During Term One we encouraged you to wait until this term to sign a housing contract, which is great because you will now find that you have a bigger selection of properties to choose from, at more competitive prices! However, there is still no need to rush as Egham has so much student accommodation that you are spoilt for time and choice. 

If you do find a place that you like, remember to get in touch with the Advice Centre to ask them for a free contract check and they will ensure that you’re getting a fair deal.

Preparing for house viewings

Our Looking Guide has everything you need to know to make sure you ask the right questions at house viewings. You can find an online copy of this on the button below, or pick up a physical copy from the Advice Centre so that you can bring a checklist with you.

Our Looking Guide  Our Checklist 

Already a tenant and worried about people viewing your property?

For those of you who already live in a property and will be receiving viewings from other students interested in renting your house, you should be aware of the following:

Unfortunately, during this time, many landlords and estate agents seem to forget about a tenant’s legal right to the ‘quiet enjoyment’ of their homes, and they start sending groups of viewers to students’ homes without the legally required notice or permission. 

Students have reported coming out of the bathroom to find their house full of strangers, some have found videos of their bedrooms being posted online and others have been stressed out by a random stream of unexpected viewers interrupting their lives.

This is not how viewings should work. Agents and landlords should try to book viewings at a time convenient to the tenants. They are not allowed to let themselves in for viewings unless you have given them permission to do so. There is a big problem with landlords and agents letting themselves into students’ homes so much, that some people think this is the norm! If you’ve experienced this problem, please let us know so we can help you put an end to it.

At the Advice Centre, we’re constantly working to influence the local housing market for the better. A big part of this is making sure students know their rights, so please share this article and help us help others.