Women's History Month: The Round-Up

Gorgeous gorgeous girls support other women! VP Wellbeing & Diversity Alice Goode looks back at everything we got up to over the course of Women's History Month.

Gorgeous gorgeous girls support other women. And that is exactly what we got up to here at the SU throughout March for Women's History Month.

We ran two amazing events – the first was a panel discussion hosted by our Women’s Collective that saw academics from Geography and Politics and International Relations talk about their experiences as women in academia. We spoke about the changing climate where traditional male spaces are changing to be more inclusive, how to confidently take up space, and how to support the young women stepping into these spaces today.

The other event was the second-hand vintage clothes market that we held in the SU Main Hall. We wanted our Women’s History Month to be as inclusive and diverse as possible. So we chose to champion women from the Global South. Our habit of continually shopping high street brands that aren’t sustainable such as H&M, Primark, ASOS, etc. means that women in the Global South are routinely exploited and disadvantaged as they work in the factories that supply the clothes, and have to deal with the enormous amounts of waste (consisting of our old clothes) that we dump on their homes. The second-hand clothes market aimed to make us more mindful about our shopping choices and to try and find more of our clothes from charity shops or Depop. The hope is that the big high street companies will be forced to change, and the women in the Global South will no longer be exploited in order to fulfill our shopping habits.

As well as our in-person events we also ran two blog series on the SU website throughout the month. We spotlighted women throughout history who often go overlooked, celebrating Dr Flossie Wong-Staal, Alice Walker, Constance Markiewicz, and Sojourner Truth loud and proud. This strong, courageous, and inspiring set of diverse women show the true power of woman.

A little closer to home, we also featured blogs from some of our women staff. Our staff team come from all over the world with varied backgrounds and experiences. We wanted to hear about how their unique experiences had shaped them into the women they are today, what they had learned, and what they wish young women to know. Hearing their stories was extremely moving, and a true celebration of the empowerment of women and the good it can bring.

Our celebration of and respect for women goes way beyond Women’s History Month though.

If you want to learn more, some fab resources are:

  • Feminists Don’t Wear Pink and Other Lies – Scarlet Curtis
  • Women, Race and Class – Angela T. Davies
  • The Guilty Feminist Podcast – Deborah Frances-White
  • Consumed – Aja Barber
  • We Need to Talk About Money – Otegha Uwagba
  • Gurls Talk Podcast – Adwoa Aboah
  • I Weigh Podcast – Jameela Jamil