You Said, We Did: No More Plastic Straws

If there are two things everyone hates, it’s a sad David Attenborough, and spilling your drinks. Thankfully, here at RHSU, we want you to be able to enjoy your beverages spillage free, while also knowing that the straw you just used won’t end up polluting the planet.

That’s why, off the back of this Bright Idea, we’ve decided to replace all our plastic straws with environmentally friendly paper straws. From Friday the 12 of February, the straws you use will be completely biodegradable, meaning that we lessen our carbon footprint – and yes, they’ll be available in every venue, whether it's alongside your breakfast in The Packhorse, your Tommy’s lunch, or your night out in Medicine.

You can pick up a straw from the side of the bar as usual, or simply ask for one when you order your drink, the choice is yours! But either way, you can now drink knowing that your impact on the environment will be that little bit less.

Do you have any ex-STRAW-dinary ideas that you’d like to see become a reality? Submit them to Bright Ideas today!