You're Valued Awards: Valentine's Day Round-up

After a lovely romantic weekend celebrating Valentine's Day, we wanted to continue spreading love by telling you all about the staff at Royal Holloway that have received a You're Valued award after being nominated by students!

This time of year is all about showing people how much you appreciate them. When it’s grey and miserable outside, Valentine’s Day can help bring some good vibes into your day. And what’s a better way of spreading love than a You’re Valued award?

At RHSU we love to recognise the people who make student life better, and the You’re Valued Awards are an opportunity for you to do just that by nominating any staff member on campus who’s had a positive impact on your student experience. Our Sabbatical Officers then check to see whether the nomination matches our values: brave, student-focused, inclusive, high quality and trustworthy, and the winners receive a special certificate and an exclusive mug!

Everything is super top-secret to make it a total surprise for the winner, which makes it an even more wholesome experience.

After a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend, we wanted to bring you a round-up of the You’re Valued awards we’ve presented so far this year to give you an insight into the fantastic things staff at Royal Holloway have been doing!

You’re Valued winners!

David Yuratich, Lecturer in Law and Criminology

You might have seen our blog post about the first award of the year, presented to David for being a fantastically supportive lecturer! The students who nominated David appreciated his dedication and commitment to inclusivity, for example by organising evening training sessions for students and taking on tasks such as printing if students needed it. He’s also been an incredible friend to the Law Society!  

Dave Whiteland, Teaching Fellow in Computer Science

Students told us that Dave has gone above and beyond in his mission to improve their academic experience! Dave makes lecturers especially fun and engaging which helps students maintain interest and focus on the subject.

Students have really benefitted from his career and life advice, and they really appreciate that he makes the time to sit down and chat with them. Congratulations Dave!

Denise Keable, Head of International Support and Advisory

We presented Denise with her award at Academic Rep Conference, so over 60 students watched the presentation! Denise was nominated for being an incredible support system for students, especially when they’ve been feeling unsure or homesick.

She’s always there and ready to help when unexpected events arise, visibly prioritising students’ needs.

Dan Whistler, Reader in Politics and International Relations

Dan was nominated for providing an outstanding student experience and a personalised approach to education. He actively encourages students to pursue opportunities that help them reach their potential, and is always a friendly and positive presence!

He’s always the first to tell students ‘well done’, and gives students the creative freedom to be innovative in philosophy. His approach has really improved students’ lives – we love to see it!

Gill Green, Physics Department Administrative Officer

Gill’s kindness, care and genuine interest in student wellbeing led her to be nominated by two people, meaning she received an RHSU enamel pin as well as a mug!

Gill has been an exceptional example and role model for the students in her department and is an incredibly supportive figure. She gives her all to every student that comes to her, and they wanted to show their appreciation!  

Giacomo Benedetto, Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Giacomo was nominated by two postgraduate students who wanted to show him how much they valued his support during their studies. Giacomo has been instrumental in guiding his students in their thesis development, giving helpful constructive criticism during their writing period.

He shows respect for the potential of all students without prejudice, encourages them to grow to their full academic potential and has been incredibly attentive to the needs of his students. He’s been an outstanding, passionate and knowledgeable lecturer – congratulations Giacomo!

Katie Willis, Professor of Geography

Katie’s inclusivity, compassion and dedication led students to nominate them for a You’re Valued award. Katie took time out of their day to ensure full trigger warnings were included in their lecture series, making sure to explain them thoroughly at the start of the course. She even spent time with individual students who might have been affected by the material.

Katie has set a fantastic example – well done!

Nick Allen, Reader in Politics and Education Lead

Nick is valued by his students for his passion, his teaching and seemingly endless capacity to help and work with students to make improvements in the department. He’s always busy organising vital activities ‘behind the scenes’, and is clearly invested in making the university a better place for students.

He’s been an excellent, dedicated mentor to the Department Rep, making the role more rewarding for them and treating them as an equal partner in the enhancement of their learning. Thank you Nick – your students really appreciate your hard work!

If this round-up has brought someone to mind who you think deserves a You’re Valued award, nominate them below! Quality submissions are more likely to get chosen, so make sure it demonstrates how the person has displayed the SU’s values – and more importantly, ensure it comes from the heart. We hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!

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