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Welcome to Hip Hop Soc!! The place to be if you wish to learn more about Hip Hop music and it's culture. Whether you are a huge Hip Hopper that listens to Old School flows or you vibe with Lo-fi beats; maybe you're East Coast, West Coast or both; some might just be familiar with the likes of Eminem and Snoop Dogg thanks to Hip Hop going more mainstream. The fact of the matter is, Hip Hop is a huge community and is a global language with the powerful ability to connect with all kinds of people.This is why Hip Hop society welcomes everyone from all walks of life!

Hip Hop Society is a chilled environment where members can meet  individuals with a passion for Hip Hop and share interests. If you don't produce your own music no worries! We will have plenty of events where you can socialise and learn about the culture, including aspects like Art, Fashion and its History. In addition, we will be discussing Musical features of various Hip Hop genres, which could hopefully help to inspire you!  Students will also have the opportunity to collaborate with each other to make music.  Regular events include Movie/Documentary nights, talks and creative jamming sessions. There will also be future trips, music performances and quiz nights!! 

So 'yes yes y'all', come and join us for a dope time!!

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