The drink.

With plenty of outside space for those hot summer days and a chilled out, relaxing interior complete with wood burner for when the temperature dips, the packhorse is the perfect location for drinks with friends.

In terms of spirits, we’re doing something a bit different. We know you want high quality but don’t want to pay the earth. So we’ve made the following items our house spirits – matching the exact same pricing as the bog standard equivalents in Tommy’s Kitchen and Medicine.

  • Vodka: Stoli
  • Gin: Brokers
  • Whisky: Haig Clubman
  • Bourbon: Jim Beam Double Oak

For wine, it’ll be the price it costs us with a fixed small amount added on to cover things like staffing. That means you won’t be paying £20 for a bottle you can find in Tesco for £5.

And for beer drinkers we’re adding premium quality draughts including Bud Light, Amstel, Moretti and Heineken. We’ve also teamed up with the local Windsor & Eton brewery to offer cask ales both on tap and in bottle form.

The cider is pretty special. It’ll come from The Garden Cider Company (another social enterprise) who only use fruit that is handed to them by people who happen to own apple trees in their own gardens. Who are then paid in cider for their hard work and donations.

We’ll also be serving Berocca for anyone with a busy day on campus who doesn’t feel quite 100%. We expect these will be popular on a Thursday. No idea why.