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If you’ve got here, that means you’re interested in becoming a Senior Course Rep. We’re really excited for the new academic year and can’t wait to get going.

Simply hit the button below and fill out the form (please register with your student email address).

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If you would prefer to sign up for a Course Rep role, this will take place in Autumn Term so please keep your eyes peeled for further information once the new academic year starts.

Interested in the role but want to find out some further information? Please get in touch with us at

About the role

The Senior Course Rep role sits between Course Reps and School Reps to bridge this gap and ensure there is a constant flow of information across various levels of representation. They receive feedback from Course Reps and escalate it to School Reps if issues impact the whole School rather than individual departments.

They are also responsible for chairing the departmental meetings and maintaining a good working relationship with key members of academic staff throughout the year. The recruitment for this position will take place in Summer Term so these reps are trained and in place over the summer period and already have an understanding of how the role works so they can be ready to support Course Reps when they are recruited in Autumn.