A photograph of Hannah Hockin

Hannah Hockin.

Candidate for VP Societies & Sport

Hi! I’m Hannah and I’m running to be your next VP Societies and Sport.

I have had the best three years at Royal Holloway and want to give back to the university and its students, yes that’s you! As the current Vice President of swimming, I understand how important societies and sports are to students.

If elected, my aims for 2022/23 are:

1. Raising awareness of stigmatised subjects through societies and sports:

One of the best ways to inform and increase awareness of certain subjects to students is through societies and sports.

An issue on campus that has recently been highlighted is spiking. I will work closely with campaigns such as rhulnightin, as well as the VP wellbeing and diversity, to provide spiking kits to societies and sports.

Two separate areas of concern are domestic violence and mental health awareness. We should increase the amount of welfare training not only for welfare officers but the whole committee.

2. Increasing opportunities and participation:

To increase participation, I aim to keep student sport and society pages updated on the SU website and student link app, ensuring that there are taster sessions and incentives for trying new clubs.

Furthermore, publicizing a variety of campaigns throughout the year such as #thisgirlcan and increasing societies’ and sports’ social media presence will be a priority.

I would like to introduce a monthly award system such as ‘Colossus’ student of the Month’. This would recognise exceptional student contribution to a student group. I will also encourage the use of the Duke of Edinburgh award.

3. Funding:

A large issue that limits participation is how expensive clubs and societies can be. Therefore, I will collaborate closely with groups as to whether pay as you go or monthly instalment systems are viable. I also aim to encourage and further publicise the access fund.

4. Getting involved:

As a committee member, I have seen the inside and out of how student-led groups work. I aim to closely support recently established groups and ones with multiple committee changes over the year. I would also like to get more involved with societies and sports by attending competitions, events, and taster sessions as a supporter, and helping to arrange skill and society swaps.

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto. I would love your vote to improve the student experience here at Royal Holloway!

Key dates

Voting opens
14 March 2022

Voting closes
16 March 2022

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