A photograph of Imogen Small

Imogen Small.

Candidate for VP Societies & Sport

Hi, I’m Imogen and I’m running for VP Sports and Societies!

Over my three years as a student I’ve been a part of six student societies and sports, and my time at University has been deeply impacted by my experiences, the friends I’ve made and the opportunities I’ve partaken in. Most recently I’ve been on a committee for both a sport (President of Riding), and a society (Publicity Officer for Savoy Opera). As such I feel uniquely qualified to help run both aspects, as I’ve been a part of both aspects, and have experienced both sides of the coin.

Supporting your committees

- Provide a better framework for committees on how to run, including things like example manifestos, generalised handovers etc. so that incoming committees are well set up for their year ahead!

- Review and improve Committee Training to ensure the SU is providing the best support and training possible for committee members.

- Run additional training throughout the year to refresh existing committee and induct new members. Specifically setting up First Year Rep training so they are comfortable in their role.

Reviewing your experience

- Look at how all student groups currently function, and what could be improved. Continue Alex’s end of term reviews for student groups to consistently monitor how they’re doing, and what the Union can help with.

- Following the year of lockdown, student engagement has been low, I will review how societies and sports have been building back up, and what we can do more of to engage the student body,

Promoting your groups

- Work more extensively with the Student Media Outlets to promote events like Varsity on those platforms, and ensure that under-represented sports are given their spotlight.

- Use the VP social media and SU platforms to promote society events such as the Performing Arts shows, and other public society events.

- Similarly use the VP social media and SU platforms to give greater visibility to off-campus and under-represented sports, those that don’t compete on Big Bears Wednesday to make sure their achievements are promoted and recognised.

- Create a form or email format for student groups to submit any events they want to have specially promoted on the VP/SU platforms.

Overall, my aim is to bridge the gap between sports and societies, supply each to their needs, and ultimately improve the student experience across the board.