A photograph of Kate Wells

Kate Wells.

Candidate for VP Societies & Sport

Hi, I am Kate Wells, and I am running to be your VP Societies & Sport to improve the experience of all student groups and provide a louder voice for them at Royal Holloway!

Get to know me…

- This is my 4th year at Royal Holloway.

- I am a MA Public History student.

- I have been a member of Women’s Football for 4 years; I was First Team Captain in my 2nd year and President this year.

What will I do for YOU?

- Facility Allocation

I will push for a more equal allocation of facilities for all Sports Clubs and Societies, inside and outside. Having a safe and suitable environment for every student group to carry out their activities will be my priority going into next year.

- Inclusivity

I will develop specific training opportunities for committee members to ensure that their group can develop its accessibility and inclusivity. This will also include a variety of online campaigns that student groups can get involved in, for example bringing awareness to LGBTQ+ rights and anti-racism.

- Cohesion

I will work to strengthen the relationship between all student groups on campus through creating a space where committee members from different clubs and societies can meet in person. This will aid more efficient collaboration between student groups.

- Welfare

I will advocate for a closer relationship with the Active Lifestyle Team and Wellbeing Department to advance our #DoesYouGood campaign, providing a wider range of opportunities for students to focus on their wellbeing and for student groups to get involved with. This includes a series of free activities and sport classes, especially during exam season to reduce stress and maintain student interaction.

- Sponsorship and Fundraising

I will produce training sessions that will help student groups to gain sponsorships and aid their development, while focusing on building stronger relationships with the wider community to secure better links. I will also work to encourage groups to support a more diverse range of charities, assisting with advertisement and promotion.

What can I bring to this role?

- I have been working to improve the experience of grassroots sport, representing our university on the Amateur FA Youth Advisory Board this year.

- I have extensive experience in a leadership role at university.

- I have a worked with a wide range of student groups throughout my time and understand your desire and needs!