A photograph of Kayleigh Fryer

Kayleigh Fryer.

Candidate for VP Societies & Sport


Hi, I’m Kayleigh! I’m running to be your next VP Societies and Sports. I want to make changes that support the vast number of student groups we have at Royal Holloway, and for you, the students that attend them. I will push for inclusivity and diversity and encourage all students to get involved with the Students Union.

I have three main goals:

Tailored support:

I will focus on ensuring all students - and student groups - receive the specific support they need to carry out their activities and day-to-day experiences.

- Review the support that groups need by continuing to offer accessible drop-in sessions

- Investigate how the Collectives, Executives, Sports, Societies, and Media groups can work together

- Increase transparency regarding decision-making from venues and SU such as changes to venue requirements and ticketing

- Implement the changes from the Academic Societies Review by working with relevant stakeholders and students for the most fun and effective outcome

Accessibility for all:

I want the SU and all of our activities and events to be accessible to as many people as possible.

- Work with the community to improve accessibility in sports

- Continue to push for financial inclusion, building upon the Access Fund and provision for sports kits

- Ensure that accessibility information is available when booking rooms

- Link to training with better online and printed accessibility - social media, posters, videos, nights out, student media

- Push for more sensory-friendly and alcohol-free events and raise awareness for societies and sports to do the same

Improved communication:

I believe good and clear communication is essential to ensuring needs are met and everyone is as safe and engaged as they can be.

- Work on making the SU website more adaptable for groups

- Improve and develop training sessions, committee members are volunteers in high-pressure roles and having provable professional skills is essential

- Provide accountability for training as students rely on committees for their safety on- and off-campus, we need to ensure committee members have attended training sessions

- Create a more cohesive method of communication between students, student groups, and the SU

- Alongside seeing groups work together more effectively, create a centralised calendar so socials, training sessions, workshops, events, etc. can be easily seen by all students

- Push for student group admin processes to be streamlined: make the financial processes more accessible and ensure student group deliveries are better managed