A photograph of Saba Mohammadi

Saba Mohammadi.

Candidate for VP Societies & Sport

My name is Saba Mohammadi and I’m running for VP Societies and Sport.

I am a 20-year-old Accounting and Finance student currently in my third and final year and I’m from Northwest London.

Let me tell you about my relevant experiences. This year, with the help of friends, I decided to start up a new society to celebrate Middle Eastern and North African heritage (MENA soc). Starting a new society had its own challenges but taught me priceless lessons: leadership, passion, the importance of perseverance and also the importance of community. My experience with starting up and leading a new society as president has allowed me to amass a wealth of skills.

In terms of sports, while I’ve taken part in the odd sports session here, I haven’t been as active on campus as I’ve wanted, feeling that the male dominance in on-campus sports has held me back from truly giving my all. Speaking to my fellow students, and specifically, other Muslim women has shown that I am not alone in this thought. I aim to change this.

I believe that my experience, ability to represent and adaptability present me as a perfect candidate for this position.

If I were to succeed in this election, my aims would be:

- Women’s only sports hours

Weekly female-only hours for sports and the on-campus gym to encourage more of us to go and help us feel comfortable while working on our fitness.

- Inter-Society Leagues

I would like to suggest creating inter-society leagues to encourage inter-society activities. This would be alike the current inter-society football league, but with different sports and activities.

- Event Timetable

One of the main reasons why we miss events is because we don’t know about them – a solution to this issue would be to create an easily accessible live timetable exhibiting all student events.

- Committee Support

I’m hoping to introduce step-by-step guides to help new committee members allow their societies to reach their full potential. This will help alleviate confusion and make it easier to carry out tasks.

I recognise that these initial aims may not encompass everything you would like, so I would love to hear your thoughts! I spend a lot of time at the library, so come say hi, I would love to hear your ideas and be a representative for the change you wish to see here at RHUL.