A photogrpah of Shivam Mishra

Shivam Mishra.

Candidate for VP Societies & Sport

Why I'm running:-

Having been an active member of the cricket committee and the player who scored a maiden ton for holloway.

As a member I have learnt a great deal of experience how to run the society and make new one.

As a VP Societies and Sport, I would like to continue the legecy of the University and make some new changes to increase the effectiveness and involvment in between the students.


Run a competition in between the societies so that most of the student can involve in the society and try make it best.

Introduce a leaderboard of the societies, Best society of the month and awards for top 3 members of the society (huge promotion in social media to give them fame and recognition).

Introduce a new membership called "Jack of All", this is for those people who are the part of more than 2 societies, they will pay 1/3 amount to become a member in 3rd society.


Drop-in session with the society presidents to take new suggestions for the improvement.

Anonymous box page in social media so that students can give new suggestions.

New Societies Planning:-

Support existing societies to make new innovative planning as well as make new societies as per student's choices and preferences.

Make a International engagement society to increase the interaction of the students.

New Sports Events Planning:-

Royal Holloway is having one of the best facilities and infrastructure of sports, so try to get as many games as I can for BUSU, LUSU so that more students will get a chance to volunteer.

Run a mixed-gender competition in every sport within the university to get the involvement of the students.

Funding from outside clubs:-

Make a special promotion team to get the outside events in holloway and rent the place to get the funding.

Make 2 new funds, one to increase the infra and one for maintenance.