A photograph of Tana Randle

Tana Randle.

Candidate for VP Societies & Sport

Who am I, and why am I running for Vice President Societies and Sports?

Hello all, I’m Tana, a third-year Classical Archaeology and Ancient History student. I’m running for VP as I’m incredibly passionate about improving student groups!

I have been extremely involved in societies and sports since my first day at RHUL, and since then I’ve held a total of 6 elected committee positions, and this year was elected to the Sports, Societies and Opportunities Executive. I have a deep love for student groups and helping our community! I have a lot of insight into the challenges a range of groups face and plans on how to resolve them. I aim to enhance transparency and improve training to meet each group’s individual needs in a personal manner so that everyone can achieve their full potential after two challenging years.

If elected, I will aim to:

1) Widen accessibility and inclusivity by lobbying for improved step-free access to spaces our groups use; increasing the representation of our culture and faith societies at an executive level; destigmatising and promoting the Access Fund; improving postgraduate access to student groups.

2) Introduce VP Officer Hours, in addition to drop-in sessions to tackle the barriers to accessing personal 1-2-1 time for questions, concerns or celebrations. This shall also improve visibility and transparency within student opportunities and help the team recognise systemic issues faster.

3) Introduce skills development workshops, something fairly standard in other SUs, to help students improve their own skills and groups. Examples include events management, graphic design, securing sponsorships and much more! These will run through the whole year and will hopefully be officially accredited.

4) Provide unique support for every group with fairer resource and pitch/room allocations and specific needs-based support for every group. I will also directly reach out to support and work with groups with memberships of £50+ to form more accessible membership structures.

5) Improve student group training with comprehensive guides on essential information provided before the summer, accessible via the SU website and committee google drives. Additionally, to improve welfare training by including active bystander, unconscious bias, and allyship training.

What's next?

You can find out more about how I will enact my key aims, give feedback and ask me anything via my social media, all found at:


If you share my passion for improving student groups, please consider a vote for me!