Student Staff (Supervisor & Duty Manager)

The people that work for RHSU don’t just do it for a paycheque. No, they’re passionate about being part of something big, part of an organisation that creates change on campus, delivering events and campaigns on a weekly basis.

In fact, we employ over 350 students every year, putting almost £750,000 back into their pockets and helping them to develop a bunch of new skills. And working here comes with some cracking benefits as well, such as a staff discount card, free entry to event nights and the knowledge you’re making friends for life.

But more than that, we also pride ourselves on developing our student staff team and giving them amazing leadership opportunities that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. And this is where our Supervisor and Duty Manager roles come in.

Supervisor Development Programme

Each year we employ over 25 students in the role of Supervisor, which is a key part of the management team responsible for running all our venues and outlets on campus. Supervisors are recruited from the current student staff team and they enjoy a higher rate of pay to match the increased level of responsibility.

The Supervisor Development Programme provides students with a defined training pathway, teaching them to operate in specific trading areas of the organisation. This will involve undertaking a number of training shifts, shadow shifts and on the job training. Ultimately, Supervisors take ownership of supervising student staff teams in key areas of the organisation, as well as other more specific tasks that are outlined in the recruitment pack.

The Supervisor Development Programme is the gateway, and your first step on the path, to becoming a Duty Manager, should you wish to do so. Once the programme is completed, and you are fully trained as a Supervisor, you will be able to apply to the Duty
Manager Development Programme.

From January 2021, we have taken the decision to streamline our Supervisor recruitment, emulating what has worked so well with our bar staff roles. This means there are six possible avenues open:

  • Union Shop Supervisor
  • Technical Supervisor
  • Steward Supervisor
  • Packhorse Supervisor
  • Tommy's Kitchen Supervisor
  • Venues Supervisor



    Applications Open



    Applications Close






    Invitation to Interview






    Training Programme Begins


Duty Manager Development Programme

Each year we employ around 15 students in the role of Duty Manager, which is a key part of the management team responsible for running all our venues and outlets on campus. Each Duty Manager must successfully complete a defined development programme that includes significant training in all areas of our operation.

Each year there are two recruitment rounds, split into Cohort 1 and Cohort 2. More information will be available here when applications open later in the year.

Application Tips

Putting together a good CV and one-page covering letter is crucial. The College's Careers & Employability Service have some great resources to support you with this.

We'd also like to share some tips based on applications we've received over the past few years:

  1. Keep your CV professional and plain - don't add graphics, artwork or pictures.
  2. Follow a logical order for your CV - there are lots of templates available online.
  3. Make sure your cover letter is adequate - it should be one page outlining why you want a place on the training programme, what your experience is and what you can offer the organisation.
  4. Check your spelling and grammar - get someone to proofread it before you click send (and spell Students' Union correctly!)
  5. Think about your voluntary experience - for most of you it'll be where you've led teams and managed others.