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Freshers' Festival is here!

Taking place across the first week of term, Freshers' Festival is your introduction to the Students' Union and everything we have to offer. We'll be welcoming you to Royal Holloway in style with loads of free events, taster sessions and night out (if that's your thing).
Whatever you're looking for, we're here to provide you with the opportunities to shape your ideal university experience.

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So what's going on?

We've created a programme of exciting events so that you can experience Freshers' Festival your way.
Want to attend our club night events? Make sure to grab yourself a wristband - the only way to guarantee your entry to the SU Venue!

10 Days

11 day events

31 night events


Need a hand?

If you’ve got any questions about Freshers’ Festival or purchasing tickets and wristbands, please message us on social media @SURHUL or reach out via email:

2023/24 Sabbatical Officers sat on the steps outside Founder's Building. From left to right: Alastair Copland (VP Societies & Sport), Hannah Hockin (President), Sharanya Sivarajah (VP Education), and Nisha Bundhun (VP Wellbeing & Diversity)
Your Union

Say hello to your Officers!

Each year, four sabbatical officers are elected to work full-time in the SU. Hannah (President), Sharanya (VP Education), Nisha (VP Wellbeing & Diversity), and Alastair (VP Societies & Sport) can't wait to welcome you to campus!

They’ll represent your views and opinions, run campaigns, and work alongside Union and University staff to make changes that will positively impact your university experience. They’re passionate about making your time at Royal Holloway the best it possibly can be, so make sure you get to know them and what they're working on this year!

Meet the Officers

Keep up to date

How to Look After Your Mental Health at University

Thu 05 Oct 2023

University can be a stressful time in your life, especially with all the academic and life pressures that you might face. That being said, we’ve compiled our top tips on how to look after your mental health at University.

Uni 101: Check Out the Chaplaincy

Tue 26 Sep 2023

Here at Royal Holloway, we offer lots of support and services to students of faith, whatever their beliefs or circumstances. We acknowledge the needs of people of faith and work actively to facilitate worship for students and staff.

Uni 101: Services for Disabled Students

Fri 15 Sep 2023

Around 13% of Royal Holloway students have a disability - that's over 1400 students, a big part of our community here on campus. VP Wellbeing and Diversity, Nisha explains what services are in place at Royal Holloway to ensure all students have the best possible university experience!


Introducing the Buddy Scheme

Want to get involved with Freshers' Festival but worried about making friends or going to events on your own? We've got you covered!

Brand new for 2023/24, our Buddy Scheme is designed to help you meet other students who are looking to attend the same activities. Whether it's a student group taster session, Give It A Go, or another SU event, we'll try our best to match you up with someone who has similar interests to you.

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