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    The Pigeon Detectives, Hardy Caprio, Holy Goof and more.

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Hardy Caprio, Holy Goof, Horn Division and more.

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Win VIP Summer Ball Tickets

To celebrate the news that we're bringing back the HouseSearch platform we've launched our latest Summer Ball VIP competition and it couldn't be easier to get involved.

Reasons why you should not miss out on this year’s Summer Ball

Known as the biggest and most exclusive event of the year, Summer Ball is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.

Summer Ball Early Bird Tickets

On Friday 24 March we’ll be launching our early bird discount offer, with 400 tickets available at a discount price.


When and where is Summer Ball held?

Friday 1 June in Founder's Building.

How many guests can I bring/how many tickets can I buy?

As a Royal Holloway student you can purchase your ticket plus three guest tickets. Guests can be either Royal Holloway students or friends/family from home.

Can a friend purchase a ticket on my behalf?

You can purchase up to a maximum of four tickets per student card. Please note, each student can only purchase one early bird ticket.

Do I have to sign my guests in?

Yes. Your guest(s) must be present with you when you exchange your ticket(s) as wristbands will be secured at the time of exchange. Unlike general Students’ Union nights there will be NO charge for signing in guests.

When can I pick up my wristband?

Wristband allocation will take place on Thursday 31 May (SU Main Hall 11am - 4pm) and Friday 1 June 2018 (SU Main Hall 11am - 4 pm and North Quad of Founder's from 8pm).

What's the latest time I can get there?

Doors open at 20:00 and we advise attendees to enter the arena early to ensure the best Summer Ball experience. The final entry time is 00:00 while re-admission to the event will begin from 03:00.

Can I leave the ball and come back later?

Due to capacity management we do not permit re-entry into the venue before 03:00.

Can I sell my ticket on?

Tickets are non-transferable and CANNOT be sold on. Any student selling or attempting to sell a ticket above face value WILL be subject to disciplinary action and risk being banned from the Students’ Union premises and activities in line with the Code of Conduct.

Can I collect a wristband on the door instead of the day(s) before?

We strongly encourage students to exchange their wristbands ahead of the event on the pre-allocated days of 31 May and 1 June (11am - 4pm, SU Main Hall) to guarantee entry to the Summer Ball. If you are unable to make these days wristbands can be exchanged on the clock-tower entrance to the North Quad of Founder’s from 8pm on the night. Please remember that any guests will need to be present when collecting wristbands as they are secured at the point of exchange.

I wasn't given a physical ticket, what do I do?

There are no physical tickets this year - your ticket is automatically assigned to your College Card after purchase. You will need your College Card with you at wristband exchange in order to collect your wristband.

I can no longer attend the ball, can I get a refund?

Under exceptional circumstances a refund will be permitted. Please contact our venues team via email to discuss this.


Why are Summer Ball tickets £75?

As you know, the Students’ Union is a registered charity, which means all the money you spend with us ultimately comes back to you – funding things like clubs and societies, support for course reps, our advice centre and even subsidising the Union Bus service (which runs at a large loss each year).

The Summer Ball costs an awful lot of money to put on each year – as you would expect from an event this size, taking place in one of the most historic university buildings in the UK. But one of our new values is trustworthy, and part of that entails helping students understand how the Union operates. Visit our Value For Money website to learn more about the decisions we make and why we make them.

Value For Money

I’m disabled and worried about access, will I be able to take part?

We’ve teamed up with Attitude is Everything to give as many students as possible the chance to enjoy and experience the Summer Ball. You can read more about accessibility on our dedicated page.

Can I get a discount for (being a final year, being disabled, being a club president etc.)?

This year we're offering 400 early bird tickets at £35, £45 and £55 and £65. This is 12% of the event capacity and they are available to all students regardless of position held.

If the Summer Ball is cancelled will I get a refund?

In the unlikely event that the Summer Ball is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances the Students’ Union will look to reimburse ticket holders. Please note, the ball has never been cancelled.

What date can I no longer access the Quads/Founder’s?

Access to the Quads will be closed from 26 May due to health and safety regulations and barriers will be in place to prevent access. On the night of the Summer Ball – 1 June – the following restrictions will be in place:

Founder’s East: Access to resident’s rooms will be via reception only. Room keys and College Cards will need to be presented to security.
Founder’s West: Access to resident’s rooms will be via the North West door (adjacent to the hockey pitch) only. Room keys and College Cards will need to be presented to security.
East-West Access: There is no access from the East side of Founder’s to the West side on the night of the Summer Ball.

Will there be a Survivors photo and breakfast?

A Survivors photo will be taken in the South Quad at 6am. All those who make it through will be able to grab a free breakfast on exiting the Summer Ball.

I’m banned from the Students’ Union, can I buy a ticket?

If your ban expires before the night of the Summer Ball – Friday 1 June – you will be able to purchase a ticket, but not until your current ban has expired. Please note, you may not purchase a ticket for any person(s) who will still have a ban in force on the night of the ball.

What forms of ID will I require?

When purchasing a ticket(s) and during wristband exchange you will require your College Card. On the night you will require both your College Card and proof of age photographic ID (valid photo driving licence, passport, PASS holographic ID card).

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