Welcome to your Leadership Elections hub! Here you’ll find key information about the upcoming elections happening within your Union, and how you can get involved.

Whether you’re voting for your student group committee or electing the new sabbatical officers who lead the SU, make sure you exercise your right to vote and get your voice heard.

Want to know more? Send over an email to voice@su.rhul.ac.uk


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meet your candidates

It's time to get to know the students running to be your Sabbatical Officers, School Reps and Community Officers. Every one of them has crafted a list of key areas they want to change to improve your student experience. So, make sure you read all about their aims and get to know your Leadership Elections candidates!

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key dates

  • 26 Feb - Candidate Briefing
  • 27 Feb - Campaigning Begins (12pm)
  • 4-7 Mar - Candidate Manifesto Exhibition
  • 5 Mar - Voting Open (10am)
  • 5 Mar - SU on Tour: Cast your Vote
  • 5 Mar - Market Day
  • 6 Mar - Reptile Experience
  • 7 Mar - Voting Closes (2pm)
  • 7 Mar - Petting Zoo
  • 8 Mar - Results Night (Medicine)

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Complaints are considered by the Students’ Union in line with the rules and regulations and our members code of conduct. All complaints must be submitted via the complaints form within 24 hours of an incident taking place and no later than 2 hours after voting closes. Complaints will be reviewed by the Deputy Returning Officer.

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Navigating elections and campaigning can be a daunting prospect but it doesn't have to be. Get a step ahead by looking through our handy resources below.


guide to standing

manifesto guide

manifesto template

budget sheet

accessible elections

candidate development & training

what support is available?

dealing with difficult behaviour

4 hats of the officer

campaigning do’s & don’ts

public speaking top tips

social media

graphic design top tips

photo submission guidance

what’s on the agenda

rules & regulations

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