F R E S H E R S '

Freshers' Festival is that warm embrace to the Royal Holloway family where you realise what makes this place so special - the people, the community, the spirit.

It’s much more than events. They’re great of course, but it’s your chance to meet new friends and discover new passions. So join us, as we do our damn best to make sense of this new way of living.


Welcome Drink
12th September
The Packhorse
Make your way to The Packhorse for a delicious cocktail, or brew, or whatever tickles your fancy!
Pub Quiz
13th September
The Packhorse
It's time to show your general knowledge skills with our weekly quiz night! If you like a laugh and a bit of friendly competition, this is the night for you.
Pizza & Pint
14th September
The Packhorse
Feast your eyes on our brand new menu and for £14 you can enjoy ANY of our pizzas, plus a pint of Thatchers, Carling, or draught soft drink.


Keeping you safe

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While Freshers’ Festival is obviously about having loads of fun, our number one priority is ensuring you are able to enjoy our events in a safe environment.

All our activities and events will be conducted in accordance with the relevant guidance published by the UK Government, with changes made to the operation of all events and venues to comply with social distancing guidance.