Spotlight Award

The Socs Ball panel has compiled a shortlist of four nominees, and now it's time to have your say on who should win the inaugural Spotlight Award at this year's event. The award aims to recognise peer to peer support and camaraderie, with our societies and media outlets nominating other groups who they feel who have gone above and beyond to support other groups on campus. They will have acted as 'role models' for other groups, either through charity work or fundraising, or they may have overcome difficulty or adversity to achieve to the best of their ability.

Voting closes on Monday 4 March at midday.

Disclaimer: all nominations are printed as they were submitted, including any typos.


African-Carribbean Society (ACS)

Nominated by: Fashion Society

  • They collaborated with many societies such as Men's Football, FemSoc, Women of Colour...
  • They supported many societies and us by helping us promote events and spread the word about our society. They also gave FashionSoc and other society committees advice on how to improve the running of the society and reach the next level.
  • The did campaigns and supported causes such as mental health awareness, racism and women empowerment.
  • They offered employment activities and opportunities for members and non members.


Nominated by: Shakespeare Society

  • Held multiple types of socials that enable a larger group of people to feel involved – for example, they held a tea party where society members all met up and had tea, which allowed members of the society who don’t drink to feel more involved.
  • They also hold socials at multiple venues, not just in pubs or at the SU, allowing people who do not like to attend these venues to still feel involved within the society
  • Bacchanalia raised a lot of money for charity in memory of a former member of the society
  • They are always looking for new ways to make members feel more included, and hold a variety of society activities outside of the term production.

Climate Action

Nominated by: Absolute Harmony

This year we’ve noticed the fantastic and important work RHUL Climate Action have been doing on and off campus.


  • Throughout term 1 and 2 they’ve hosted a number of events such as discussions (where they talk about climate issues as a group), campaign weeks, workshops, socials (such as brunches, dinners and picnics) and film nights (showing documentaries relating to environmental issues such as ‘Plastic Paradise’ and ‘Cowspiracy’).
  • They have also hosted events with other Societies such as a pub quiz with Vegsoc and ‘Divest Campaign’ with Film Soc.
  • In November they hosted a charity football match for Bloody Good Period.
  • They have started to participate in protests and awareness campaigns such as the ‘Youth Strike 4 Climate’ in Parliament Square and the Climate March in London, to name a few, allowing their members to get involved in real activism for important climate issues in a safe way together.

Give It A Go Activities:

  • In Fresher’s week, they ran a stall at the Give It A Go fayre where people could make a mini eco-friendly herb pot to grow.
  • Towards Christmas time they ran a gift wrapping and card making workshop using sustainable materials.

Social Media presence:

  • Throughout summer and term-time they have kept their Facebook page up to date with interesting and funny posts and information about climate action.

Name Change:

  • In January they changed their name from Sustainability Society to Climate Action in order to reflect the activism they plan to do. This shows real passion for their cause and willingness to make innovating changes as well as demonstrating a professional outlook to allow their society to excel.

Overall this Society runs an impressive amount of effective events all around one of the most important issues in today’s society. Their activism is something that should be applauded and rewarded.

Writing Society

Nominated by: Shakespeare Society

Over the duration of this year, Writing Society has worked to create a casual, friendly and supportive environment for its members, offering a number of new and exciting opportunities to engage creatively in both writing and performing work by members of the society. It has worked to become a strong, closely linked community of creative-minded students who support each other in pushing the boundaries and improving their skills as both writers and creators.

  • The society have worked to foster a strong community within the society, hosting casual socials every week to allow members opportunities to make new friends and bond with like minded people outside of a workshop environment. This has helped many members with their social capabilities and had a very positive impact upon the University experience of many of its members.
  • The committee have worked to create a wide array of exciting and engaging workshops that work to encourage the creativity and imagination of members whilst also exploring the use of different literary techniques and devices that they can incorporate into their writing and storytelling. From explorations of the impact of narrative perspective to investigating the genre of slam poetry, the committee have successfully offered a wide array of content that has fuelled the work of many members, with some of the work developed in workshops going on to become fully developed pieces.
  • Writing Society have also been incredibly friendly and collaborative in their interactions with other societies over the course of the year. One of the primary examples of this collaborative spirit are the society’s collaboration with Shakespeare Society in producing the short performance piece Not To Be for the Creative Arts A Night at the Theatre event in Autumn Term. Containing members from both societies, Writing Society successfully put the performance together independently with minimal support required from Shakespeare Society whilst still communicating effectively with the society to ensure that members were supported during the process. The resulting production was a roaring success that received much praise, a major achievement for a society’s first foray into performance. This collaboration demonstrates all of the best traits of Writing Society, from the creativity and dedication of its members to its friendly and outgoing character.

Over the course of this year, Writing Society have demonstrated a strong dedication to their ethos: creating a supportive, safe space for all students to learn new writing skills, develop work and meet like- minded people; this while engaging productively with others on campus, building bridges and new opportunities for students to grow. It is these characteristics that deserve recognition in the form of a Spotlight Award.


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