Tickets for Socs Ball are £55.00, which includes a welcome drink, a three course meal, half a bottle of wine (or three draught soft drinks), tea, coffee and mints, transport to and from the venue, and entertainment throughout the evening.

The Students' Union is keen to take the necessary steps to meet the accessibility requirements of all people and promote equality of opportunity for people with disabilities. If you have any accessibility requirements, please let us know when you purchase your ticket and we'll be in touch.

Ticket + wine

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Ticket + 3 soft drinks

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You will have the opportunity to select your menu choice and enter any access requirements as well as specify which group you would like to sit with when you proceed to checkout. Please note tables have a maximum of 12 people and we will try our best to sit you in your requested group, but we cannot guarantee this will always be possible. If you are a group of 11 or 13 people, please expect to be split up.


Want to bring your loved ones along to Socs Ball to share the special occasion with you and maybe even get a shout out in your winner's speech?! Good news - each ticket holder can purchase up to two additional guest tickets meaning you can invite your Mum and your Grandpa, your Dad and your Nana, your best friend and your pet ferret... OK maybe not the last one, but you get the gist!

Price breakdown

Socs Ball operates on a break even budget where every pound of each ticket is allocated across the operating costs of the event, from booking the venue through to engraving trophies. Here's a quick breakdown of each cost:

Red wine pre-order

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White wine pre-order

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Wine and soft drinks


If you'd like to purchase additional drinks, you can pre-order one bottle of either red or white wine. Soft drinks will not be pre-ordered in the same way but will be available on the night.


We understand that groups may wish to buy some extra wine or soft drinks at Socs Ball if they have outstanding money in their social accounts.

If you wish to put in a request for wine or soft drinks at the ball, please email the Student Opportunities team from your group account. Please include how many bottles of red/white wine you would like to request for your group (maximum ½ bottle per member attending) and/or also how many small drinks buckets you’d like (suitable for 3-6 students). Please also tell us the name of the one committee member who will be responsible for collecting your extra drinks.

Pre-order bottles will be charged at £15 per bottle and soft drinks buckets are £17, and the money will be debited from your social account. Please only request extra drinks if you know you have sufficient funds in your social account! Requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

The deadline for groups to request to buy wine from their social account is 9am on 22 February. We will email your group account to confirm if your request has been successful.