Forget planes, trains and automobiles - we've got your back. Whether you'll be going school trip style on the coaches or making your own way, you'll find everything you need here.


Coaches will start to leave campus from 6pm and will shuttle between campus and the De Vere Beaumont to ensure all guests are able to get to the event. The coaches will pick people up from Founder’s Bus Stop and the last coach will leave campus at approximately 6:40pm. Coaches will begin to bring people back to campus from 10pm until the end of the event.

Union Bus

While there won't be any Union Buses for the way to the venue, if you need to leave the event prior to 10pm then a Union Bus will be available.


We have a Safe Taxi Partnership with Windsor Cars Ltd. Book your taxi in advance through their website or by giving them a call on 01753 677677.

Windsor Cars Ltd


It is possible to drive to the venue but please be aware that there are very limited parking spaces, so we'd recommend that you hop on the coach.