A new year and a new ceremony, but we have kept some of the greats. This year we're introducing a new way to reward Society of the Year, giving the opportunity for groups to be recognised in their categories, as well as having an overall winner. We want to highlight as much of the great work by our groups as we can and we can not wait to hear all that you have achieved.

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Download the criteria PDF below for a full breakdown of each award.

The Panel

All nominations will be decided by a panel comprising of:

  • Vice President Societies and Media
  • Societies and Media Groups Coordinator
  • Student Opportunities Manager
  • Sport, Societies and Opportunities Executive representative

For the following awards a further representative will join the panel:

  • Community Shield: Representative from Royal Holloway Volunteering
  • Sarah Parker Remond Inclusion and Accessibility Award: Vice President Welfare and Diversity


Freshman of the Year

Awarded to an individual who is new to the group, has shown outstanding dedication, and made a significant contribution to the success of activities this year. Nominees for this award must have joined the group this academic year, though they do not need to be in their first year at Royal Holloway.

Society Crest

Awarded to someone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty of any member/committee member throughout their years of participation and has shown outstanding dedication and commitment to their group. Nominees for this award should not be in their first year at Royal Holloway, nor should they have joined their specific group this academic year.

Vice President's Cup

Awarded to someone who has shown outstanding dedication to Student Opportunities, going above and beyond to make a difference to societies/media and wider student engagement, and dedicating their time to a number of different areas with the Students’ Union and student groups.


Skills and Employability Cup

Awarded to a group that has shown a clear dedication or made an outstanding effort in the area of improving the employability and/or employable skills of their members through their group’s activities.

Community Shield

Awarded to a group that has made a significant impact on the relationship between the Students’ Union and the local/campus community. They should have engaged in consistent and high-quality volunteering, fundraising or community projects facilitated either by themselves, Royal Holloway Volunteering or Royal Holloway Sport.

Fundraising and Campaigning

Awarded to a group that has made significant impact through fundraising or campaigning. This should include work with national charities or local charities, work towards improving the lives of their members and students around them, or tackling issues that directly impact students.

Best Event

This is awarded to a group that has organised and delivered an outstanding event this year that was innovative, exciting and has left a lasting impression on those that attended.

Most Improved Society

Awarded to a group that has made significant effort to develop their group this year including membership recruitment, range and success of events, maintaining good finances, committee development etc.

Best New Society

Awarded to a group that has gone above and beyond the expected growth of a new society in their first full year as a ratified group. Through this, they will have successfully established themselves as a group making significant impact on student life at Royal Holloway and the Students’ Union.

Sarah Parker Remond Inclusion and Accessibility Award

Sarah Parker Remond was an African-American activist, an anti-slavery lecturer, and the first black student at Bedford College. Throughout her life, she promoted inclusivity, equality, and worked tirelessly to support the rights of minority groups. The Inclusion and Accessibility award is therefore awarded to a group that has demonstrated an outstanding effort to ensure that their activities are as accessible as possible and has made a significant effort to promote an inclusive attitude within their membership and in the wider campus community.

Society of the Year

Awarded to a group that has made a significant contribution to Royal Holloway, student life, and the Students’ Union. They should have worked in order to significantly grow as a group, attracting a wider range of members, holding innovative events, and working to hit objectives across all areas of the development plan.

Spotlight Award

Nominations will be put forward by societies/media outlets and shortlisted by the Society Awards panel, with the final five put to a public vote.