Contract Checking Service

Signing a housing contract is possibly one of the first significant legally binding documents you will sign.

The Students' Union Housing Assistants are here to help and advise you when it comes to living in the private sector including checking your contract to ensure you're fully aware of what you're signing.

On this page you'll find information about looking for accommodation along with a bunch of useful downloadable documents to make sure you ask the right questions at the right times.

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You'll need to email a completed contract checking record and a copy of your contract to the Housing Assistant team as well as booking an appointment using the button below.

Please book your appointment at least 24 hours after you submit your contract to give the team enough time to look at the contract that has been sent in.

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Useful Documents


If you can't make it to a contract checking session then you can use the contract checking sheet to guide you through checking your own contract.

You can also contact the Housing Assistant team via email if you have any private housing queries.