Your Officers.

Every year the student body elects four Sabbatical Officers to work full-time in the Students' Union for a year.

They work on a range of issues relating to student life, listening to your thoughts and opinions while running campaigns and working with the relevant people and bodies to implement positive policy changes.

Often referred to simply as 'The Sabbs', they are either students who have interrupted their studies to take a year out of their course, or individuals who are undertaking the role in the year after they graduate.

Each officer has a portfolio area that sees them take on responsibility for a different area within the organisation, together deciding its strategic direction. They are here to represent your views, so if you see them around campus, don't be afraid to stop them and say hello!

Kate Roberts
Kate Roberts - President

The Students’ Union President is the Chair of the Board of Trustees, sits on the highest decision making committee at Royal Holloway, College Council, and is the figurehead of the Students’ Union.

Alissa Chohan
Alissa Chohan - VP Education

Not only is the Vice President Education the Deputy President of the Students’ Union but they also sit on a number of high level committees including Academic Board where the academic strategy of the College is decided.

Henn Warwick
Henn Warwick - VP Wellbeing & Diversity

With a focus on liberation campaigns, mental and physical health provision and general wellbeing issues, Vice President Wellbeing & Diversity forms a key voice for campaigning on campus.

Lucy Brown
Lucy Brown - VP Societies & Sport

The Vice President Societies & Sport has joint overall responsibility for developing the support the Students' Union offers to student groups on campus.

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Tue 30 Mar 2021

Image of Dr Ben Spencer MP on a Zoom call with your Sabbatical Officers

On Friday 19 March, your Sabbatical Officer team met with local MP for Runnymede and Weybridge, Dr Ben Spencer, to ask your questions on key issues affecting students....

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