Course Reps

Course reps are an important link between students and staff at Royal Holloway. They are elected by students on a particular course to represent their views, and ultimately, to help improve the quality of education provided by the College.

As a Students’ Union we take the lead role in training and supporting course reps across the entire campus, working with academic departments and professional services to help students make as many positive changes as possible.

The main duties of a course rep are to:

  1. Talk to people in their cohort to find out how things are going.
  2. Meet with academic and departmental staff at least once a term to discuss their course.
  3. Communicate any changes or new ideas that your course team may be planning with everyone.
  4. Keep in touch with the Students’ Union to keep us informed of what it is like to be a student here.

You can check out some of the amazing things course reps achieved for students last year here.

Interested in becoming a course rep?

If you are a returning student and thinking of running (or re-running) to be a course rep in your department, why not take a look at the job descriptions ahead of elections next term?

Check out the job descriptions


Course Rep Conference

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How we can help you be the best course rep you can be.

Winning Change
Winning Change

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