Sshh Bus

The SSHH Bus (Silent Students, Happy Homes) is a welfare service provided by the SU for Royal Holloway students on a non-profit basis. It's there to help get you home safely, not make money!

The shuttle bus service runs during function nights at the SU and Medicine (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) between campus (including Kingswood) within a 3 mile radius to your door. It starts at 9pm and finishes its rounds only when everyone has been taken home from the latest closing venue.

Annual passes and individual tickets can be purchased from the SU's Helpdesk (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm). Individual tickets can also be purchased from Medicine and Tommy's Bar during event nights.

The Annual SSHH Bus Pass costs just £20 while single tickets cost £1 (£2 for guests).

Still need a taxi? The SU's recommended local taxi company is Gemini - 01784 471111