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You may be surprised to hear that representing students’ academic interests is one of the core purposes of the Students’ Union and links strongly to our strategic aim to improve students’ education. One of the most prominent ways we do this is through our 400+ elected academic reps.

This site aims to act as a hub of information for students, reps and staff, so to make sure you’re getting the most relevant information possible, let us know who you are.


Blog: Making Your Voice Heard In PDRs

Wed 13 Feb 2019

Faculty Rep for Management, Economics and Law, Alexandra Upton, talks through the process of a Periodic Departmental Review.

Academic Rep Conference: Tackling Equality In Higher Education

Fri 01 Feb 2019

VP Education Jack O'Neill talks you through a highly engaging and productive day.

Announcing the November Rep of the Month!

Wed 12 Dec 2018

After a lot of positive change, we're very excited to announce our very first Rep of the Month! Find out who they are and what they've done by reading on.

Find My Rep

Tue 11 Dec 2018

After seeing some of the awesome stuff your academic reps have been up to this term, you might find yourself wondering how to let your rep know of some juicy changes needing to be made.