Throughout the course of a year, the Students' Union will tackle a number of campaigns. This often takes the form of a week of action and consists of everything from hosting events, lobbying the College and other organisations, taking part in national demonstrations and more.

These campaigns are generally led by a Sabbatical Officer although our part-time officers and other elements of the student body can take the lead on a campaign that is close to their heart while receiving Students' Union backing.

If there's a campaign you'd like to see the Students' Union tackle you can submit it to the Bright Ideas platform or if you're simply looking for advice on running a campaign and want to see how the Union can support you, please email     

2020/21 Campaigns

RHSU Stands Together

Addressing the overall culture of the SU and the University, as well as bringing issues of racism and religious discrimination to the forefront of our work.

Seeking Sustainability

Help inform the development of a new sustainability strategy and change our future today in this campaign led by President Kate Roberts.

Let's Talk About Sex

Led by VP Wellbeing & Diversity Henn Warwick, this campaign aims to promote safe sex and sexual health awareness.

Housing Week

Stressed out about housing? We've got you covered with loads of key information, advice, and Q&A sessions with our Housing Advisor.

Keep Calm: Don't Sign in Term One

Already feeling pressured into sorting housing for next year? Don't panic, we're here to tell you why there's no need to rush into making a decision.

black History Month

Join us for this special webinar series, in association with a number of other universities and students' unions from across the UK.

2019/20 Campaigns

Black History Month

Join us as we look back on the legacy of the black community in the UK and beyond.

Eat Well Feel Well

VP Welfare and Diversity Lucy Simpson introduces a week-long focus on how nutrition impacts your body and mind.

Inclusive Education

VP Education Kate Roberts is aiming to create a more inclusive educational experience for all students from all backgrounds.

2018/19 Campaigns

Black History Month

Join us as we look back on the legacy of the black community in the UK and beyond.

Clean Up Our Campus

President Clem Jones has planned is lobbying the College to divest from fossil fuels.

Disability Awareness Week

Empowering all students to learn about the challenges of having a disability at university.

Housing Week

We've got you covered for all things housing, from finding housemates to contract checking.

International Week

Celebrating the diversity we're proud to have here at Royal Holloway.

Lecture Capture

VP Education Jack O'Neill is lobbying the College to make lecture capture standard practice.

Man Up

We're raising awareness and challenging the stigma that surrounds male mental health.


It’s important that you take care of your wellbeing, which is why we run Stressbusters every year during Term Three.

Yellow stripes
Women's History Month

We celebrate and remember important women in history who have contributed to social progression.

2017/18 Campaigns