Where should I look for a job?

Check out the vacancies section of this website for job opportunities in the Students' Union. Visit the RHUL Careers website for information about the College online Job Shop.

There are also Part-time Jobs Fairs in the Students' Union Main Hall for you to meet potential employers. You can also use search engines or recruitment/temping agencies, as well as keeping an eye out when you’re in shops for adverts. If you’ve got any questions about filling in application forms or interview techniques, book an appointment with the Careers Centre.

How do I get National Insurance number?

Whether you were sent a number but have since lost it and need to find the form to fill in to get it sent through to you again or you’ve moved to the UK from abroad and are working for the first time, you can apply for one through Jobcentre Plus

What should I expect to get paid?

The National Minimum wage is £6.50 per hour for over 21s and £5.13 per hour for 18-20 year olds (April 2015). This will probably be the amount you’d earn in hospitality, retail or cleaning work. Some roles will pay more, for example if you were to work as a private tutor, you could charge anything from £10-50 per hour for your time, especially if you’ve got previous experience or you’re studying a Postgraduate qualification.

What tax might I have to pay if I'm employed by an employer?

If you’re earning over £155 per week, your employer will deduct National Insurance payment from your wages. If you’re earning over £883 per month (or £204 per week), you’ll find that your company will deduct income tax from your wages before you receive them. If you’re earning less than £155 per week, you won’t be taxed as you’ll be within your personal allowance (April 2015).

Will I have to pay tax if I'm self-employed?

You’ll have to file a tax return if you work self-employed while you’re a student. If you’ve earned enough to be eligible for tax, you’ll need to pay this to HMRC. Make sure you do this before the annual deadline or you could face a fine. There’s more information here

I've paid too much tax, what should I do?

Get in touch with HMRC for further help if you believe you’ve paid too much tax.

Will I have to pay tax if I work abroad over the Summer?

If you’re resident in the UK, the same rules apply, so if you’re earning enough to be eligible, yes, you’ll need to pay income tax. If you’re working for a UK employer, you’ll also have to pay your National Insurance contribution. If you’re working for an employer based outside the UK you might need to pay local taxes.

Am I entitled to a break at work?

Legally, in the majority of jobs, you’re entitled to a break of 20 minutes if you work for 6 hours or more.

Can I get sick pay?

Many employers will pay you if you take time off work because you’re ill. If your contract and company’s policy doesn’t cover sick pay, or you’re working through an agency you could potentially still access statutory sick pay of up to £88.45 for up to 28 weeks if:
-you’ve been sick and had to miss 4 or more days of work
-you earn at least £112 per week
-you are an employee (including of a temping agency)
You can request sick pay by writing to your employer to ask for the payment. You should do this as soon as possible and be aware that you may need to provide a fit note from your doctor.